Hugh Stuart Menzies

DI Stuart Menzies was employed in Public Information Dept, and dealt solely with police information, and liaised with the various branches of the police, the RIC, DMP and Auxiliaries

1881 census. His mother is living at 123 Prospect Rd, Cowes, Isle of Wight

1886 May 18. Born Marylebone, London

1887 Divorce case of Amy Charlotte Bewicke Menzies against Stuart Alexander Menzies. They had been married in 1876. The abstract is on Ancestry, but no report appears in Gazette or Times that I can find.


1901 Census has him (aged 14) living with his widowed mother (aged 37) living at Mabws (Mansion), Llanrhystyd Haminiog, Cardiganshire

1911 Not found in census

1914 Aug 8. Attested Grenadier Guards, service no 17306 aged 28 years and 3 months. He had a tattooed snake on his fore-arm. His next of kin is his mother living at Cricket Court, Ilminster.

1914 Dec 30. 3rd Battalion, The Gordon Highlanders, Temporary Second Lieutenant Hugh Stuart Menzies, from 10th (Service) Battalion, to be Second Lieutenant (on probation).

1915 Feb 23. Confirmed in rank of 2nd Lt

1915 Feb 26 Lands in France

1915 Jul 1. Promoted Lt

1916 Dec 23. Gord. Highrs. Lt. H. S. Menzies is placed on the ret. list on account of ill-health. His record shows that he had been badly gassed.

1917 Mar 24. He writes to the Army from Crocket Court, thanks them for sorting out payments of his sanatarium bill.

1920 Feb. H S Menzies, born 1886 travels from Liverpool to Marseille on SS Warwickshire

1920 Aug 20. Joined ADRIC with service no. 315, Lt.,  Gordon Highlanders, joined ADRIC . Posted to A Coy

1920 Dec 21. Assistant IO when Margaret Ryan was shot

1921 Feb 28. Posted to Depot Coy .

1921 Mar 4. Promoted Section Leader.

1921 Mar 14. F Coy 3rd Class District Inspector (hon). 6/- per day additional pay while employed as Intelligence Officer

1921 May 25 Posted to Z Coy

1921 Jun 11 to 1 Jul On leave

1921 Aug 12. Re-engaged in ADRIC. Worked in Public Information office of Dublin Castle where he dealt specially with police information and maintained liaison with RIC, DMP and ADRIC. D.I. Hugh Stuart Menzies was responsible for collecting news from the RIC and Auxiliary Division, he reported directly to Clarke.  

Two Auxiliary cadets worked under D.I Menzies in the PIB, T/C Dowdall and T/C Vignoles.

1922 Jan 28. Discharged on demobilisation of ADRIC.

1922 he set up the Stuart Advertising Agency. Menzies initially worked for Fortnum and Mason running their Invalid Delicacies Food Department before becoming a copywriter and producing the Commentaries for Fortnum & Mason - a new style of direct mail booklets. The Stuart Advertising Agency were commissioned to design the logo of Imperial Airways and some of the Shell on the Road publicity for Shell-Mex. Menzies's business partner, Marcus Brumwell, headed the firm when Menzies retired around 1938-9. Stuart Advertising Agency is the main subject in a book "Bright Ties Bold Ideas - Marcus Brumwell, Pioneer of C20 Advertising,

1922 Sep 6. He gives a talk in Wincanton at "Mrs Stuart Menzies Truth about Ireland League Meeting". This was his mother.

1924. His mother Amy Charlotte Stuart Menzies wrote a book under the pseudonym A Woman of No Importance called As Others See Us, which was published in 1924. It was scathing about Crozier, who successfully sued her and her publisher. It transpired that her son was in the propaganda department at the Castle. According to Crozier, Hugh Stuart Menzies was Intelligence Officer of A Company.

1925 Sep 30. Departs on SSOlympic for New York. Profession given as "Banker", his UK address as Hotel Russell, London

1938 Jan/Mar Married Elizabeth H Glen at Chelsea. He then retired from his advertising business and moved with his wife, Elizabeth to Tahiti and later settled in Canada.

1959 Mar 4. Arrives in New York from Genoa with his wife. Travelling on Canadian passports

1957 Apr 22. Arrive in New York from Genoa.

1959 Mar 14. Arrives in New York with his wife, they are travelling on Canadian passports

1959 Dec 15. He died whilst on a cruise near Gibraltar. Grave in Montreal