Capt. Frederick Hubert Harris Miles, London Yeo & RAF

1894 Jan/Mar Born Kensington, London

1901 census at 12, Gloucester Square, Paddington

1907 - 1912. Educated at Harrow School. 1st XI for 2 years

1911 census at Harrow School

1914 Jun 30. 3rd County of London (Sharpshooters) Yeomanry; Frederick Hubert Harris Miles to be Second Lieutenant. (To be supernumerary).- served in Gallipoli, Salonica and Palestine

1915 Aug 26. 3rd County of London (Sharpshooters). Second Lieutenant Frederick H. H. Miles is absorbed into the establishment.

1915 Nov 9. Yeomanry. County of London (Sharpshooters). The undermentioned Second Lieutenants to be temporary Lieutenants. Frederick H. H. Miles.

1917 May 30. Posted to 3 S of A

1917 Aug 22. RAF. Lt. F. H. H. Miles, Yeo., T.F., and to be seed. Posted to 113 Squadron in Palestine. 113 Squadron was born August 1, 1917. Training in all areas was extensive before the attack on the Gaza-Beersheba Front. In addition to the training of aerial observers, gunners had to be trained in the use of wireless. Signallers were also transferred to the Royal Flying Corps, becoming operational before serious operations commenced in October 1917. Now with an aircraft strength of seventy-two machines, one more aircraft than the estimated enemy total, Allenby formed the Palestine Brigade, Royal Flying Corps, on the 4th of October 1917. It was comprised of two wings. The 5th (Corps) Wing of which 113 Squadron was part, was dedicated to air co-operation and direct support tasks for the surface force XXI Corps consisting of three infantry divisions under the command of Lieutenant-General Sir Edward Bulfin. The 40th (Army) Wing was dedicated to counter-air missions and operations in the rear area, such as bombing the enemy’s support infrastructure. As can be seen 113 Squadron had its roots in an army support role from the very beginning. Towards the end of 1917, some of the squadrons began to acquire more advanced aircraft designs such as the new S.E. 5a and Bristol Fighters.

1918 Apr 2. Shot down and "dangerously wounded"

1918 Jun 14 MID by Allenby

1918 Jun 21. Rejoined 113 squadron

1918 Jul 29. Embarked at Alexandria to return to UK

1918 Nov 7 Hon Captain Administration.

1919 Mar 19. Lt. (Hon. Capt.) F. H. H. Miles (Capt. Lon. Yeo., T.F.) relinquishes his commn. on account of ill-health contracted on active service.

1919 North Russian Expeditionary Force

1920 Nov 17. Joined ADRIC with service no 1069. Posted K Coy

1920 Dec 11. In K Company when the burning of Cork and the grenade attack on K Coy tender took place at Dillons Cross. He was wounded (wounds to both feet) and sought compensation and received £375 for his wounds. Admitted Military Hospital Cork

1921 Mar 9. Resigned, compassionate grounds

1922-1923 Tobacco planter in Portuguese East Africa - venture failed and he returned to UK

1924 He went to Singapore and got a job on a plantation in Jahore, but suffered from Malaria

1926. Transferred to a United Sua Betong Estate in Tanah Merah, Port Dickson.

1928 Jun 1. Dies in Malaya of a heart attack, having entered hospital 2 days earlier with pneumonia. aged 34