2nd Lt, Ronald Vanstone Millard MGC

1918 Passport Photo


Broken Sword: The Tumultuous Life of General Frank Crozier 1897-1937 By Charles Messenger

1894 Aug 30 Born Hamilton, Ontario, Canada His father is a book keeper

1901 census in Canada

1917 Living in Connecticut

1917 Apr He leaves USA for Europe

1918 Apr 10. He is in Paris and applies for a new passport

1918 Sep 18. In Officer Cadet battalion of Household Brigade. He was in Artists Rifles

1919 Mar 8 Gazetted 2nd Lt as an overseas candidate in LG 18 March 1919 Supplement: 31242 Page: 3737

1919 Jul 9. General List. Temp . 2nd Lt. R.V. Millard relinquishes his commn . on completion of service, and retains the rank of 2nd Lt .

1919 Jul 11. Arrives in New York from UK

1919 Oct. Goes by train from UK to Lithuania with FP Crozier to work under him there

1920 Feb 5. Arrives in Canada from UK

1921 May 19. Entry in ADRIC Numeric Register for his joining reads just "Cancelled 21 May". Service no 1994

1921 Jul 2. USA records show he was wounded and gassed in WW1 and died in London on this date. Death Cert at Marylebone ,Volume: 1a Page: 478