Major Edward Lawrence Mills MC

1880 Oct 27. Born St Pancras, London

1881 census at 33, Arlington Road, St Pancras. As on baptism entry above.

1891 census at 100, Marquis Road, St Pancras

1901 census. I cannot find him. He may have been serving in South Africa.

1911 census with the Middlesex Regt in Bordon. He is a L/Cpl and single. He appears to have enlisted as just Lawrence Mills from entries on his 2 MICs as indeed in the 1911 census as Lawrence Mills

1914 Aug 14 Landed in France

1916 Aug 25 MC Gazetted. No. 5344 C.S.M. Edward Lawrence Mills, Midd'x R. For conspicuous gallantry in action. When all his company officers had become casualties, he took command and displayed the greatest coolness and courage

1916 Nov 25 . Presumed date of commission

1917 Dec 2. R.W. Fus. Temp. Capt. and Adjt. E. L. Mills, M.C. (2nd Lt./Midd'x R.), to be temp. Maj.

1918 May 23.Middlesex Regt. 2nd Lt E. L. Mills, M.C. to be Lt , and to remain seed. 22nd May 1918.

1919 Aug 3. Midd'x R.—Lt. (temp. Maj.) E. L. Mills, M.C, retires, receiving a gratuity, and is granted the rank of Maj

1919 Oct He then joined Crozier in Lithuania

1920 Aug 24 Joins ADRIC with service no 342. Posted to I Coy. Register says his mother was at 18 Clavering Av, Castlenan, Barnes (same address on MIC), Crozier wrote of him "Mills had been with me as an adjutant in France, and had gone with me to the Baltic Provinces, and I brought him with me to Ireland as my Staff Officer" He appears to have initially been Adjutant of ADRIC. HQ Coy


1920 Nov 5 Promoted Coy Commander DI1 level. He signs a Routine Order on 8 Nov as Adjutant

1920 Nov 21. Was in command of ADRIC contingent at Croke Park Shootings . An auxiliary officer, company commander Major E L Mills, was in overall command of this mixed force. Another auxiliary, Major Dudley, was in command of the Black and Tans (Dudley had transferred to RIC as a permanent cadet on 19 Nov) Major Dudley sat in the lead car of the convoy, Major Mills was back in the thirteenth car with Fillery , at the head of the auxiliaries. The police left Beggars Bush at 3:20 p.m., headed for Croke Park. (24) The route they took is uncertain, but a pedestrian saw them driving fast up Sackville Street (now O'Connell Street). Major Mills was back in the thirteenth car. In his report, he wrote that "as no shots were coming from the football field and all the RIC constables seemed excited and out of hand, I rushed along and stopped the firing with the assistance of Major Fillery who was in the car with me. There was still firing going on in the football ground."

Mills appears to have lost the position of Adjutant as a result of Croke Park. Crozier's report on the shootings was T MacFie, indicating that he was now the Adjutant

1920 Dec 5. Raid report

1921 Jan 1 to 4 Apr 1921 on leave

1921 Apr 1. Posted to Depot Coy( as a prelude to resigning), Reverts to T/Cadet

1921 Apr 15 Resigns at own request. Mother at Clovering Av, Castlenan, Barnet

1939 Register Living at 5 Vachel Road , Reading C.B., Berkshire, England He is a Commercial Traveller for Utol Ltd, Harrow Green, Leyton

1948 Jan/Mar Died Reading Berks aged 67