Major Winfield Alfred Morris Moon, The Buffs

1895 Sep 2. Born USA on RIC records.. In fact family records show that he was born in Valparaiso, Chile. He was the youngest child of John Charles Moon (b 21st August 1853 in Paddington, London, England) and Eleanor Gertrude Thomas Philips (b June 6th 1853 in Herradura, Chile). His brother and sisters were:

His father, John Charles Moon, was a sea Captain plying between Liverpool, England and Valparaiso, Chile. In 1877 he was second mate on the ship City of Quebec, he obtained his First Mates qualification in 1879 and his Captains certificate in 1895. Some time afterwards he was employed by the Chilean government as the Chief of Ships’ Captains of the navigation company Compania Sudamericana de Vapores which traded along the Pacific coast of America. The company, the largest in Chile, is still in existence today.

In Valparaiso John Charles met Eleanor Gertrude who was the daughter of father named Thomas and mother named Philips who originated from Wales, U.K. Mr. Thomas owned several ships which transported minerals between Wales and Guayacan and he and Mrs Thomas settled in Valparaiso.

John Charles Moon and Eleanor Gertrude were married in a civil ceremony at Coquimbo on February 9th 1885 and at a religious ceremony in Valparaiso on February 16th 1885.

Winfield Moon was enrolled as a cadet at the naval academy in Chile but he did not graduate as a serving officer preferring the civilian life and worked as a broker in the Nitrate (minerals) business for his grandfather Thomas’s shipping company.

At the outbreak of World War 1 Winfield travelled to UK to enlist in the British Army. As an accomplished horseman, he was enlisted in the cavalry as a Trooper in King Edwards Horse Regiment. Surviving the battles of the Expeditionary Force in France he was transferred from King Edwards Horse firstly to 28th Battalion, London Regiment and shortly thereafter commissioned as a 2nd Lieutenant in the East Kent 6th Regiment.

1914 Dec 28 Arrives UK from Buenos Aires on SS Highland Rover. He travels 1st class and his last country of residence was Chile. He gives his work as "clerk"

Enlists in King Edward Horse. On the outbreak of war in 1914, the regiment was mobilised in London, where it remained until April 1915; at this point, the regiment was dispersed, and the four squadrons were sent to the Western Front with separate divisions.

1915 May 4. Lands in France

1915 May 29. Enters hospital - "secondary syphilis"

1915 Jul 27 Discharged from hospital

1916 Apr 30 Commissioned into Buffs

1916 Jul 4. Promoted Lt in Buffs

1916 Nov. He was again transferred, this time to the Machine Gun Corps

1917 May 13. Arrives back in France

1917 Jun20 Back in hospital with syphilis

1917 Jul 12. Leaves hospital, back to base

1917 Aug 6. O/C 223 coy at its formation

1917 Sep 8. Posted to 223 RND

1917 Dec 21 till 4 Jan 1918, on leave in UK

1918 Mar 1. The undermentioned to be actg. Majs while comdg. a Co. Temp Lt W. A Moon


1920 Jan/Mar Marries in Romford, Essex to Ethel Richardson (b1899). The address on his MIC of Courtland Av, Ilford is the home of his wife Ethel , dau of Annie Stone and stepdaughter of Henry John Stone, a commercial traveller. Photographs of Winfield's marriage to Ethel Richardson show a very well dressed and wealthy looking bride and groom and brides family - a count - Count Philippe Vitali was the best man.

1920 Jul 20. Joined ADRIC with service no 32. Posted to A Coy, Woodstock House, Kilkenny

1920 Sep 24. His granddaughter writes My father, Charles Errington Moon, was born at Woodstock House on 24th September 1920 - I was surprised that my grandmother was living in Ireland either at or close to the Barracks. His birth certificate says place of birth Woodstock House. His name is curious too Charles is a family name but Errington is certainly not and I have been unable to find a connection with that name in spite of researching both families. I wondered if it was the name of a British Army or RIC colleague.

1920 Nov 18. Two members of the ADRIC stationed at Woodstock, County Kilkenny, who are on duty in Cork, were attacked by a crowd of ten or twelve men at Parnell Place. Captain Jones was knocked down and deprived of his revolver. Major W A Moon fired five shots, and the attackers fled. Two of the assailants are believed to be wounded. The two officers escaped without injury.

1921 Aug 12. Re-engaged by ADRIC on further contract

Fined £3 by Coy Commander

1922 Jan 18 Discharged on demobilisation of ADRIC

1927 Jun 27. Drink drive charge

1928 My grandfather "disappeared" from his London home in about 1928 - a newspaper cutting from 1927 which you replicate might suggest he had problems with alcohol which could have precipitated this. His step-father-in-law, Mr. Stone, was a salesman for and eventually the manager of a London brewery . My grandfather is described as a salesman - perhaps also for the brewery? My father was told Winfield had died and never saw him again. Although his grandparents (Winfield's father and mother ) travelled to London to see their grandson a number of times they seem to have also kept that secret.

1933 Driving accident. (another paper has it using is full name)

1934 He is in the Bedford Voter's Register . Winfield Alfred Moon & Gwendoline Moon address The Red Lion, The Lane, Elstow,

1938. Winfield turned up at his sister's house in Chile in 1938 with a second "wife" where he stayed for several months. He was described to me by his nephew as damaged, unstable, probably suffering from PTSD and unable to work, living on his British Army pension. He was apparently the black sheep of the family and remained in Chile until his death in 1965. Sadly as a result of a family search in about 1972 when my father re-connected with his Chilean relatives he discovered that Winfield had not died in 1928 and had been alive and living in Chile until 1965. His wife, Ethel, my grandmother always described herself as a widow and never re-married and it was a matter of deep regret to my father that his family (and Winfield's) had kept this secret - one family due to the shame of having a son who abandoned his wife and child and one family due to the shame of having a daughter who was an abandoned wife with a small son to bring up alone.

1965 Died He is buried in the city of La Serena 450km North of Santiago, Chile.