Lt Robert William Rex Waage Mott RAF


Something odd about his ADRIC register entry. It is in the position from dates that corresponds to Nov 13 to Nov 15 in 1920. but stating that he joined Aug 17. It shows reversion to T/Cadet at this time, but no record of any earlier rank

1881 Nov 7.Born Oslo, Norway (He puts 1881 on Canada 1911 census and 1886 on enlistment. His marriage says 1887. The 1881 date is more likely to be correct) son of William Mott and Maniede Waage

1901 census at Hansworth , Staffs ?

Served 7 years in Warwickshire Yeomanry according to his Canadian enlistment form. I cannot find any record of this.

1909 Oct 7. Leaves UK for Canada. Travels 3rd Class. He is a labourer

1911 census at Montreal, Quebec, Canada. He is a clerk working in a hotel

1913 Jul 30. Married in Victoria, BC, Canada to Hazel Lucetta Kirk (she re-married in 3 Jun 1922 in Washington USA to P. A. Tramontin ). They went off on honeymoon to Europe. Upon arrival in Europe, all honeymoon money had been gambled away and Waage-Mott disappeared for decades, only to surface back in Canada and asking for money. She was probably pregnant before the wedding and put on a "tour" of Europe to mask the pregnancy. Hazel Kirk died 24 MARCH 1975 • Arlee Lake Montana.

1914 May 16. A newspaper article records their return to Canada after an extended stay in Europe

1914 Sep 23. Enlists in Canadian Exp Force. He is a Broker. Wife Hazel.

1915 Feb 15. Lands in France

RAF Record

RNAS Record

1918 Feb 21 .Tempy. Proby. Flt. Officers to be tempy. Flt. Sub-Lieuts.— R W Waage Mott

1919 RAF List. He is a Lt in RAF stationed in Malta

1920 May 15. RAF Transferred to unemployed list. Lt. Robert William Rex Waage-Mott.

1920 May 14. Left UK for Canada

1920 Aug 17. Joined ADRIC with service no 265. Posted to C Coy

1920 Nov 6 Reverts to T/Cadet. (no record of holding higher rank)

1921 Jun 25 to 1 Jul Medical Leave

1921 Jul 15 to 26 Aug on Leave

1921 Oct 6 to 12 Oct Excused duty on Medical Grounds

1922 Jan 13. . Discharged on demobilisation of ADRIC

1922 Mar 21. Rooming in London

1923 Jul 10 A child, Daphne born in Bradford to him and Phyllis Maud Adamson (he marries her in 1947)

1924 Jul 30 Gaoled for theft. He did not get the DSO nor was he a Major. His wife was said in court to be living with her parents at Guernsey at this time. This must refer to Phyllis Maud Adamson and their child

1939 Living in 20 Hampden Avenue , Thame U.D., Oxfordshire (with Phylliss M Wage Mott!). He is a salesman

1947 Jul/Sep married in London. to : Phyllis Maud Adamson. His first wife re-married in 1922, so I assume he could have done as well. I have no idea why he chose to marry in 1947

1959 Jun Died Ploughley, Oxon aged 75