Capt James Thomas Joseph Murphy RMF


I suspect he was on Garrison duties all the time and did not have a MIC card for that reason.

1895 May 29 . Born Tralee, Kerry son of JAMES M. MURPHY and CATHERINE MARSHALL

1901 census at 3 Day Place, Tralee , Kerry

1911 census at a Catholic school at Castlebrown (or Clongowes) Balraheen, Kildare

1915 Apr 13. Commissioned 2nd Lt. James Thomas Joseph Murphy, 4th Battalion, Royal Munster Fusiliers

1916 Jun 1 Promoted Lt

1918 Jul 29. Lt. J. T. J. Murphy, R. Muns. Fus., Spec. Res., to be temp. Capt. (without the pay or allowances of that rank) whilst empld. as Garrison Bombing Officer.

1919 Mar 14. Relinquishes the rank of Capt. Lt. J. T. J. Murphy, 3rd R. Muns. Fus., Spec. Res., on ceasing to be empld. as Garr. Bombing Officer.

1920 Jun 29. Gazetted out. 4th R. Muns. Fus.—Lt. J. T. J. Murphy, and is granted the rank of Capt

1921 Jan 3. Joined ADRIC with service no 1402. Posted to N Coy , His father is J M Murphy , 3 Day Place , Tralee

1921 Feb 15 dismissed "unsuitable" Trim Looting

1921 Feb 16 Rejoined with service no 1719. Posted to I Coy

1921 Feb 22, Posted to O Coy

1921 Mar 5. Posted to P Coy

WS 1413 "On emerging out of the gate I walked right into an Auxiliary who held me up and searched. me for a gun and then I produced a Military permit in an assumed name which I got from a friendly officer from Ballymullen Barracks, Tralee. Just as the Auxiliary was examining. the permit who came along but Jimmy Murphy, a Captain in the Auxiliaries, son of Mr. James Molyneaux Murphy, Solicitor, Tralee. He looked at the permit and saw the name and shook hands with me and called me by the name in the permit. I knew then that I was safe though when I saw him coming my knees began to wobble with fright. His father committed some offence for which his name was to be struck off the Register of Solicitors To save their father both of his sons Jimmy and Harry joined the British Army during the war and Jimmy joined the Auxiliaries. Before he joined the Auxiliaries his appointment was captured by us in the post and he was tarred and feathered by the local I.R.A. He told the other Auxiliary that I was a friend of his, he took me under his wing and asked me whether I could get him in touch with Dan Browne, Solicitor, of Tralee (now Land Commission Judge) who was then a much-wanted man and was working in the Office of Home Affairs (Austin Stack, Minister) on the Quays over Cahills, the optician. On turning about I was horrified to see Mick Collins just standing outside the gate where I came out. He was with a big D.M.P. policeman apparently in conversation with him and as Mick was tall anyone would assume he was a G-man or detective from Dublin Castle. I promised Jimmy Murphy I would ask Dan Brown if he would meet him and he gave me a 'phone number at Mountjoy Gaol where he was in charge of an Auxiliary detachment. He shouted instructions to the next Auxiliary further down to pass me along and just as I stepped out Mick joined me and we were passed along from one Auxiliary to another down to the Parnell Monument."

1921 Apr 22. Removed from suspension

1921 May 14. Posted to R Coy

1922 Jan 16. Discharged on demobilisation of ADRIC

1928/1929 Irish Land Grants Committee CO 762/168/1

1941 Feb 20. R. Ir. Fus. Capt. James Thomas Joseph MURPHY (175100) to be Lt. 20th Feb. 1941.

1942 Jun 3.Pioneer Corps. J. T. J. Murphy (175106), from R.. Ir. .Fus.

1945 Jun He was recorded as the Commandant of Italian Pow Camp 150 at Cherry Hinton. It is not certain when he started there but there is an entry for when he left - "21 June 1945 - Comdt. (Major J.T.J. Murphy) and Asst.Comdt. ( la Mare, M.C.) proceeded to No.3 Military Collecting Unit, Northampton for release."

1947 Dec 5 Died Tralee


WO 339/59157

Not this man

1925 Leaves UK for Gold Coast. He is an Assistant. UK address as Park Field , Chestnut Lane, Amersham , J T J Murphy (local papers show the owner of that house to be a John Murphy)

1927 Aug 3. Leaves UK for Gold Coast.

1929 Apr 17 Leaves UK for Gold Coast, a trader.

1939 Aug 30. Leaves UK for Gold Coast, a trader. Same address as in 1925

1947 Jan 14 Was killed in a BOAC Dakota crash in Kent

But not our man