2nd Lt John Bruce Norton, RFC

1895 Mar 31. Born illegitimately in Madras, India as John Bruce Norton-Bunbury Fellowes son of Eardley John Norton and Marie Gerrard Bunbury Fellowes. His father Eardley's personal life was not without controversy. This was because of his affair with a married woman while he himself was married. Both the aggrieved parties, Eardley Norton's wife Kathleen, and Sullivan, with whose wife Norton was having the affair, filed for divorce. After the divorces went through, Eardley Norton married Marie Gerrard Bunbury Fellowes (Mrs. Sullivan) at St Andrew's Kirk, Egmore in 1897. They were happily married until Eardley Norton's death separated them. It is said that the Norton Street in Mandaveli was named after him.

1899 Nov 23. Arrives in UK from Madras, with a nurse and sister Mary

1901 census at 66 Athelstone Rd, Hornchurch, Essex

1912 Feb 26. Leaves UK for Canada to farm. Travels alone. He had been living in Finistere in France with his mother

1914. He joins the Red Cross and his wife seems to as well. She was nee Edith Rose Robson (from birth of a son in Newcastle in 1919) and born 14 Oct 1888 (from UK death)

First name(s) John
Last name Bruce-Norton
Initials J
Rank Chauffeur
Certificate number 12358
Destination -
Record set British Red Cross Register of Overseas Volunteers 1914-1918


First name(s) Edith Rose Bruce
Last name Norton
Initials E R B
Rank Chauffeur
Certificate number 13069
Department First Aid Nursing Yeomanry
Passport number 156008
Destination Calais
Record set British Red Cross Register of Overseas Volunteers 1914-1918

1916 Sep to Mar 1917 . He serves in France with the Red Cross

1917 Mar. Married in Newcastle Jack B Norton and Edith R Robson

1917 Nov 11. Commissioned 2nd Lt in General List

1918 Apr 1. Transferred to RDC. 2nd Lt in RFC

RAF Record

A Brisfit observer with 62 Squadron, John Bruce-Norton scored five victories in 1918.

20 Mar 1918  
Bristol F.2b 1 EA (OOC) 
2 20 Mar 1918 62 Bristol F.2b 1 EA (OOC)  
3 21 Mar 1918 62 Bristol F.2b 1 Albatros D.V (DES)  
4 03 May 1918 1100 62 Bristol F.2b (C4709) 2 Albatros D.V (DESF) S of Armentières
5 03 May 1918 1100 62 Bristol F.2b (C4709) 2 Albatros D.V (OOC) S of Armentières

1918 May 3. At 1120, S of Armentières, Lt.s Morrow and Merritt were attacked by 8 EA (Albatros DVs) which dived on them, they fired on one which went down in a spin, they then dived on the enemy formation and fired on another EA which spun down and was seen to crash. Around the same time Capt. Rees-Jones and Lt. Bruce-Norton were attacked by 3 EA (Albatros D.Vs) S of Armentières and shot one down which was seen to crash and burst into flames.

1919 Jun 11 2nd Lt. John Bruce Norton is transferred to the unemployed list

1920 Jul 21. Mrs E Bruce Norton leaves UK for Ceylon. Her husband is not with her.

1920 Dec 13. Joined ADRIC with service no 1216. Posted to L Coy.

1921 Jun 2 Struck off ADRIC strength on appointment to Permanent rank in RIC at Phoenix Park

1927 May 6. Working in the Motor Trade

1932 This appears to be him but I cannot prove it.

1935 Oct 21. Post-war, he received Royal Aero Club Aviator's Certificate 13320 on a D.H.60 "Moth" at the Border Flying Club, Carlisle

1964 Jul/Sep. Died Islington aged 69. His wife died in 1970.


WO 339/51764 Army record