Capt Ralph O'Reilly

1883 May 1. Born at Bombay, India. , son of Edward O'Reilly who worked for Gov of India Telegraphic Co.. His next of kin is a friend, Miss Lewis at 4 Craigan Av, Addiscombe.

Educated at Cathedral High School and Wellington College

1906 to 1910 In Bombay Volunteer Rifles

1911 Oct 23. Leaves UK for Calcutta. He is a mechanic

1914 Sep 12. Enlisted in London. He was a Tea Planter

1915 Mar 16 Lands in France

1917 Mar. He has not been writing as often as he should

1918 May 1. Commissioned 2nd Lt in Indian Army

1918 Aug 1.Appointed 2nd Lt in Indian Army. Ralph O'Reilly, Gen. List. 1st Aug. 1918, but to rank from 1st May 1918

1919 Oct 6. Appointed Staff Captain. Lt. (T./Capt.) R. O'Reilly, I.A.R.O.

1919 Dec 3. Appointed Staff Captain. Lieut, (temp. Capt.) R. O'Reilly, I.A.R.O., from 3rd Dec. 1919 to 30th Sept. 1920

1920 Oct 1. The KING has approved the grant of temporary rank to the undermentioned whilst holding appointments 'in India as follows:. As Captain. Lieut. R. O'Reilly, 122nd Rajputana Inf., while Staff Captain, 24th Sept. 1920, and is permitted to retain his temp, rank while Bde. Maj. from 1st Oct. .1920.

1920 Oct 1. Appointed Brigade Major. Lieut, (temp. Capt.) R. O'Reilly, I.A.R.O., attd. 122nd Inf., from 1st Oct. to 14th Dec. 1920.

1920 Dec 15. Appointed Staff Captain. Lieut, (temp. Capt.) R. O'Reilly, I.A.R.O., from 15th Dec. 1920 to 14th Jan. 1921

1921 Jun 22 Demobilised to 94 Kennilworth Av, Wimbledon

1921 Oct 26. Joined ADRIC with service no 2127. Posted to E Coy

1922 Jan 18. Discharged on demobilisation of ADRIC

1953 May 9. Died Clonakilty, Cork. aged 70


WO 339/124450