Horace William Owen RAF


1890 Jan 13 Horace William Owen RAF Record

1891 census at Sevenoaks, Kent

1901 census at Sevenoaks, Kent

1911 census at Sevenoaks, Kent

1915 Jul 6. Temporary commissions in the Royal Naval Volunteer Reserve have been issued as follows: — Horace William Owen

RNVR Record

RN Record

1916 Sep 21 Sub-Lt in RNVR when he gains Aviators Cert

1917 Mar 28. Taken POW in BE2e No.2560 of 52 Squadron RFC

1919 Jan 14. Repatriated

1920 Aug 20 Joined ADRIC with service no 263. Posted to C Coy.

Fined £2 by Coy Commander

1921 Jan 3. T/C ER Wilson gave evidence at a incident at Derryhane when a man was wounded. T/C HW Owen was also there

1921 Apr 23 to 8 May on Leave

1921 Jun 14 . Dismissed the Force

1929 Divorce Court File: 4352. Appellant: Mildred Vera Morris Owen. Respondent: Horace William Owen. Type: Wife's petition for divorce

1930 May 27. Arrived in New York from UK. He is an Aviator. Going to see Miss Whitwell in Boston

1939 Register Living with Miss Grace M Moss-Flower at 66 Kenway Road , Kensington, London, He is a Guide taking tours abroad

1969 Died in Chelsea, London, England



WO 339/84248