Lt William Pallister

William Pallister joined the army as a private, was commissioned into the West Yorks Regiment, transferred to the Royal Flying Corps where he was promoted to Captain. He does not appear to have won DFC as reported in the press. His service record in RAF

1895 Jul 12. Born at York.

1901 census living at 61 Farndale Rd, York with his father and his aunt

1910 -1913 Student at Archbishop Holgate School York (from Service Record)

1911 census with his grandmother at 2 Belle Vue Terrace, York His grandmother is on his service record as his next of kin.

1914 ? He appears to have been in Yorkshire Mounted Brigade Army Service Corps. Each infantry division had an attached Divisional Transport and Supply Column of the ASC. A column consisted of four companies: a headquarters company and one attached to each of the three infantry brigades that made up the division. A smaller transport and supply column, consisting of a single company, was attached to each mounted brigade. While some of the ASC companies were formed by the conversion of existing infantry or artillery units of the volunteer force, most were newly raised in 1908.

1915 Dec 22. The Prince of Wales's Own (West Yorkshire Regt) Private William Pallister, from the Yorkshire Mounted Brigade Army Service Corps, to be Second Lieutenant. He was in 1/5 West Yorks when he arrived in RAF.

1916 Nov 15. 2nd Lt. (temp. Lt.) W. Pallister, W. York. R., T.F., from a Flying Officer (Observer), with seniority

1917 Jun 1. The undermentioned 2nd Lts., T.F., to be temp. Lts. whilst serving with R.F.C. W. Pallister, W. York. R. RAF Service Record

1918 Jul 6. Flying Branch. The undermentioned Lts. to be temp. Capts. whilst empld. as Capts. (A. & S.). W. Pallister.

1918 Jul 24 24 Training School SE Area for disposal

1918 Aug 24. To BEF as SE5 pilot

1919 Feb 25. To 1 Squadron HE area for disposal

1919 Mar 27 SE Flight Commander

1919 Apr 10. Chingford. Temp duty

1919 May 30. To unemployed list. (He was gazetted out as Lt in 5th W Yorks Reg 30 Sep 1921)

1920 Apr 28. HeĀ married Annie 'Nancy' Brookes andĀ lived with his wife and her parents in Sheffield. By October, with a child on the way, the couple were still living with her parents - and it seems that's when he decided go to Ireland. His marriage and death is the first time he appears to use "Andre". His enlistment to ADRIC is just as "William"

1920 Oct 21. He enlisted with the Auxiliary Division with RIC no 79151 and ADRIC no 822. He left for Ireland 3 days before his daughter was born. Home address: 71 Primrose Avenue, Sheffield.

1920 Nov 28 Killed at Kilmichael Ambush

1920 Dec 6. His body was brought back to Sheffield and we was buried in Burngreave Cemetery. Two members of C Company ADRIC attended the funeral .