Major Edward Henry Petre QSA

1881 Dec 2. Born Dunedin, New Zealand Son of Francis W Petre, a New Zealand Architect

Educated St Josephs College, Dunedin

1900-1902 Boer War QSA and KSA. Imperial Light Horse and Steineckers' Horse

He appears to then have served 8 years in Cape Mounted Rifle

1906 Natal Rebellion Medal

1911 Apr 18 Arrives in UK from Cape Town. He is a "soldier"

1911 Aug 29. He leaves UK for Canada. He is now a "farm labourer NZ

1915 Feb . deserts RCMP to return and enlist

1915 Mar 3. Enlists in Horse Guards

1915 May 6. The undermentioned Cadets and ex-Cadet of the Officers Training Corps to be Second Lieutenants (on probation). Edward Henry Petre, 3rd Battalion, Suffolk Regiment.

1915 Jun 22. Lands in France

1916 Jan 22. Lt. E. H. Petre (Suff. R., Spec. Res.) to be temp. Capt.

1916 Aug. Wounded while attached to the RFC

1916 Nov 13. Machine Gun Corps. Training Centre.—Lt. E. H. Petre, Suff. R., Spec. Res., to remain seed, and to be actg. Capt. whilst empld. as an Asst. Instr.

1917 Nov 6. The undermentioned to be Asst. Instrs. whilst empld. with a British Military Mission. Lt. (temp. Capt., M.G. Corps) E. H, Petre, Suff. R., Spec. Res.

1918 Feb 16. Machine Gun Corps. To be temp Major, Temp. Capt. E. H: Petre (Lt., 3rd Bn., Suff. R., Spec. Res.),

1919 Nov 17. Demobilised

1920 Apr 1. The undermentioned relinquish their commns. 3rd Suff. R. Lt. (temp. Maj.) E. H. Petre, and is granted the rank of Maj.

1920 Dec 8. He joined ADRIC with service no 1203 posted to "L" Company as

1920 Dec 21 Promoted a Section Leader

1921 Apr 1. Promoted to Platoon Commander

1921 Apr 19. He took over as Commanding Officer of "H" Company following the murder on 15 Apr 1921 of Major J A MacKinnon

1921 Nov 22. Permitted to resign on compassionate grounds

1922 Jun 9.Applies for a pardon from RCMP for deserting in 1915

1922 Nov 10 Leaves UK for Canada. He is looking at "possibly" settling in Canada. He is single and nearest relative in UK is his Uncle


1922 Dec 18. He was apparently not allowed to stay in Canada as he arrives in UK from Canada. A retired officer of 13 Hyde Park Terrace, London

1925 May 28. In the High Court of Justice.In Bankruptcy. In the Matter of a Bankruptcy Notice issued on the 28th day of May, 1925. To EDWARD HENRY PETRE, of The Royal Automobile Club, Pall Mall, S.W. 1. Take notice, that a bankruptcy notice has been issued against you in this Court at the instance of A. Glyn Ltd., of 30, Duke Street, W., and the Court has ordered that the sending of a sealed copy of a bankruptcy notice together with a sealed copy of the Order for substituted service and the publication of this notice in the London Gazette and in the Daily Telegraph newspaper shall be deemed to be service of the bankruptcy notice upon you. The bankruptcy notice can be inspected by you on application at this Court

1927 Oct 17. Nobody has heard from him

1930 Electoral register in Koorborra, Kennedy, Queensland. A "Labourer"

1936 Electoral Register in 106 Union St, Spring Hill, Brisbane. A "sales manager"

1937 Electoral Register in 106 Union St, Spring Hill, Brisbane. A "sales manager"

1937 Sep 27. Money in the offing. He is the heir presumptive to the Lord Petre, The existing Lord Petre, Joseph William Lionel Petre, 17th Baron Petre held the title from 1914 to 1989. the 17th Baron was only 16 months old when he succeeded to the title, his father being killed in WW1. Major EH Petre remained the heir presumptive until the 19th Baron married and had a male heir, which he eventually did - so in the event Major EH Petre would never have succeeded to the title

1941 Dec 25. Died in Queensland, Australia, aged 61. Unmarried. Aus Death Index gives the right parents. His claims to have been to RMA Sandhurst, had DSO and had DCM are all false