Lt Edgar Phipps, R Sussex & Labour Corps

The USA census gives his father as British and his mother French

1893 Jun 23. Born Jamaica (RIC register) . His father was in the Army

1895 Aug 8 Arrives in UK from West Indies. They travel 2nd or 3rd class, indication perhaps not being an officer.

1901 census Living at 125 Hopton Rd Streatham. Thomas Hare had married Clemence Pascal, who must be Phipp's aunt

1911 census

1915 Nov 17 Lands in France

1916 Aug 10. The undermentioned, from an Officers Cadet Unit, to be 2nd Lts. (on prob.). R. Suss. R.— Edgar Phipps.

1918 Mar 25 Wounded

1918 May 31. Lt. E. Phipps (R. Suss. R., Spec. Res.) is apptd. to the Labour Corps for duty with Scottish Comd. Lab. Centre. 31 May 1918, with seniority 2 Feb. 1918

1918 Nov 6. R. Suss. R.—Lt. E. Phipps is placed on the ret. list on account of ill-health contracted on active service.

1919 Sep 17. Demobbed to 7 Ipswich St, Bury St Edmunds

1920 Oct 8. Joined ADRIC with service no 686. Posted to E Coy

1921 Feb 12 to 26 Feb on Leave

1922 Jan 18. Discharged on demobilisation of ADRIC

1922 Jul 12. Arrives in New York. His address is c/o McGregor, Gow and Holland in Waterloo Pl, London. He is a Chemist aged 32

1927 Apr 30. An Advert in Kingston Gleaner, Jamaica, invites him to communicate with a firm of lawyers to hear something to his advantage, And the Solicitors try the War Office

1930 Living in USA census at 1930 Montclair, Essex, New Jersey, United States. He is a Trolly Bar Operator, and arrived in US in 1922