Lt. George Frederick Ring, Devons

1898 Apr 18. Born Strood, Kent

1911 census at 103 Hook Road Epsom

1915 Dec 8 Attested. East Surrey Regiment (11th Batn) :Derby Scheme men, 20th January 1916 - 1st December 1916 Regiment:East Surrey Regiment (11th Batn) Reference:2496 / 11 Page number:25 Age:18 Years 0 Months Height:5ft 4in. Weight (pounds):119

1918 May 1 Commissioned 2nd Lt

1919 Nov 1. Promoted Lt

1920 Aug 20. Joined ADRIC with service no 309. Posted to C Coy

1921 Apr 19 Accidently shot DI1 A Hulse during a raid

1921 May 14 to 29 May on Leave

1921 Jun 28 On a raid with C Coy

1921 Jul 15 to 29 May on Leave

1921 Sep 21 to 5 Oct on Medical Leave

1921 Dec 20. Gazetted out as Lt

1922 Jan 13. Discharged at demobilisation of ADRIC

1922 Mar 29. Joined the British Gendarmerie section of the Palestine Police as a Constable 72896

1933 Sep 28 Leaves UK for Port Said. He is a Police Officer. Travels with wife Margaret Ann, and son Donald. Travels 3rd Class

1937 Feb 1. George Frederick Ring , Inspector , Palestine Police awarded British Empire Medal

1937 Apr 15 Promoted in Palestine

1939 Mar 30. Leaves UK for Port Said with wife Margaret Ann and 2 children

1946 Aug 26. Leaves UK for Port Said with wife Margaret. He is Police and address is Lairg in Sutherland

1948 Nov 27 Leaves UK for Mombassa. He is a police official. His UK address is in Sutherland, Scotland

1948 Dec 2. Kenya - George Frederick Ring to be Superintendant of Police (supernumery)

1958 Mar. "On another occasion I drove out to Naivasha with Rhoda Hadingham to spend an afternoon with one of my oldest Old Comrade friends, George Ring and his wife (joined the British Gendarmerie at Fort Tregantle, 1922). He is working for the Kenya Creameries now and has a delightful house and garden almost alongside his offices. He hasn't been too well, but to me, he didn't look much older with the passing years and we talked ourselves hoarse" Alan Saunders, Dar-es-Salaam, March 1958 - PPOCA News Letter No 32, June 1958. Alan Saunders was Inspector-General of the Palestine Police, 1937-43

1960 Mar 1. Appointed a Driving Test Examiner in Kenya

1969 Jul 21. Died Inverness, Scotland