Lt John Edgar Rivers

A strange case of a man being apparently widowed 3 times, marrying 4 times all before he was 50. Cashiered in 1942. He tended to write up his father, who was a store porter at an asylum, to "Superintendent" and "Official Asylum's Board"

1893 Nov 25 Born West Ham, Essex

1901 census at West Ham

1911 census at 3 Clanson Terrace, West Grove, Woodford, Woodford Green, Essex

1913 Jan/Mar Married Constance May Brown at West Ham. She died in 1917 aged 24

1917 Dec 2. Commissioned 2nd Lt

1918 Jul 13. Landed in France

1919 Jun 2. Promoted Lt.

1920 May 12. Married Mary Osborne. There do not appear to be any children by this marriage, nor can I find a Death for her prior to 1929. I cannot find her in census or her father George

1920 Nov 10. Joined ADRIC with service no 1016. Posted to F Coy

1920 Dec 9. Permitted to resign at own request.

1929 Jun 22. Married Mary Rose Ruff. Died aged 28 in 1938

1938 Married Joan Jean Patterson in Aberdeen The first of his three children by her was born in 1936 in Edinburgh, the next in 1938 and the third in 1947. John Edgar Rivers was working in Scotland.  He apparently had a string of dry cleaning shops in Scotland and Northern England and lived a very middle class life in various places including Devon, Bushey and Chorley Wood, sending the children to private schools and moved  up to Leeds in 1947. The family were moving back to Chorley Wood and were staying with grandparents when he died of a coronary thrombosis (apparently he had a known heart condition beforehand).

1939 Register. Living at St Loo Bushey Hall Road , Bushey with Joan Jean Rivers. He is a Checker Stationer HMSO

1941 Feb 14. To be Lt. Lt John Edgar Rivers (106507)

1942 Mar 30. Lt . J E Rivers (106507) is Cashiered by sentence of a General Court-Martial. Family information believes that it was a fraudulent cheque

1947 Oct 4 .Died Watford, Herts.

His widow later re-married Carrigan


WO 400/271/1877 for his Household Cavalry record