Capt David Richard Karl Roberts, Royal Welsh Fusiliers

1884 Dec 28. Born Penn Y Graes, Caernarvonshire, Wales.

1891 census at Gurth Garmon, Denbighshire with grandparents

1901 at Altofts, Yorkshire

1902 Dec 3. Attests to 4th Royal Welsh Fusiliers, a militia regiment. He is a Quarryman.

1903 Apr 17. He purchases his discharge from RWF, Character "Good"

1911 census at 46 Tredegar Road, Ebbw Vale, Mon. (Bedwelty where he marries a few months later)

1911 Jul/Sep marries in Bedwelty, Monmouth to Muriel K Blessley

1914 Jun 27. 5th (Flintshire) Battalion, The Royal Welsh Fusiliers; David Richard Karl Roberts to be Second Lieutenant.

1915 Jul Gallipoli

1915 Sep 8. Leaves unit due to amoebic dysentery

1915 Oct 28 Boards ship at Alexandria to return to UK

1915 Nov 8. Arrives back in UK on "Asturias"

1915 Dec 1 till 11 Jan 1916 on leave in UK.

1916 Jun 1. Lt. D. R. K. Roberts to have precedence as from 1st June 1916.

1916 Jun 1. Royal Welsh Fus— D. R. K. Roberts to be Capt., with precedence as from 1st Jun 1916, next above Capt. H. Beswick.

1916 Sep 3. Royal Warwickshire Regt.—2nd Lt. D. R. K. Roberts (R. Welsh Fus. (T.F.) to be temp. Capt. whilst attached to the Unit.

1919 Sep 26. Courtmartialed in Cork for drunkenness. He had been to the Kildysart hotel on 28 Aug 1919, which was out of bounds to officers, and was accused of being drunk there. The court found him guilty of being there, but not of being drunk. He was sentenced to loss of seniority. It made no difference as he was demobilised a few days later.

1919 Oct 16 Demobilised

1920 Jul 30 Joined ADRIC with service number 25. Posted to M Coy

1920 Dec 31. Promoted Section Leader

1921 Feb 3. Promoted Platoon Commander

1921 Apr 25. Resignation accepted from ADRIC

1921 Dec 7. 5th RWF. Relinquishes his commission Capt. D. R. K. Roberts.

1939 Register A farmer living at Rhin , Hiraethog R.D., Denbighshire with wife Muriel K Roberts

1941 Died Denbighshire aged 55