Lt. Edward Charles St.John Ronaldson, Indian Army

1885 Jul 5. Born Vepery, Madras, India. Son of Edward Hathwaite Markham Ronaldson and Mary Ellen. His father is a Incorporated Accountant And Secretary, and Wine Merchant

1901 census at a boarding school - 1,The College, Church Street, Stratford On Avon

1910 May 6. Gazette entry says that the appointment of E C StJ Ronaldson as 2nd Lt in Leinster Regt which appeared in Gazette of 1908 is cancelled.

1910 Jul/Sep married in London to Ada Stockwell.

1911 census. His parents are boarders at 12 Colville Gardens, Kensington, London.

1914 Nov 13 Commissioned 2nd Lt in Indian Army

1915 Nov 13 IARO promoted Lt

1916 Leaves UK for India. But entry is then crossed out

1917 Nov 6. 7th Rajputs. To be Acting Capts. (with pay and allowances as for Lieuts.) while holding the appt. of Adjt. Lieut. E. C. St. J. Ronaldson, I.A.R.O., attd. 6th Nov. 1917 to 31st Dec. 1917

1918 Divorce Court File: 2658. Appellant: Ada Ronaldson. Respondent: Edward Charles St John Ronaldson. Type: Wife's petition for divorce

1919 Jan 14. The King has approved the resignation of their commissions by the undermentioned officer's of the Ind. Army Res. of Officers, with effect from the date specified : Lieut. E. C. St. J. Ronaldson.

1920 Jul/Sep Married in Maidenhead to Phyllis F G Broad

1920 Sep 24. Joined ADRIC with Service no 627. Posted to F Coy as Section Leader. The then has a short and extraordinary career in ADRIC, before resigning after 7 months.

1920 Nov 19. Posted to J Coy as CQM

1920 Dec 12 Reverts to T/Cadet

1920 Dec 13.Reinstated to to Section Leader

1920 Dec 30 Promoted Platoon Commander (I assume this as CQM)

1921 Jan 5 to 12 Jan on Leave

1921 Jan 25 . Posted to Depot

1921 Feb 8 Posted to O Coy

1921 Feb 11. Posted to J Coy

1921 Feb 16 Posted to Depot

1921 Feb 26 to 1 Mar on Leave

1921 Mar 12 . Posted to C Coy

1921 Mar 28 to 12 Apr on Leave

1921 Apr 2. Posted to Q Coy

1921 Apr 26. Posted to Depot. Reverted to T/Cadet by Commandant. Resignation accepted. Wife at 42 East St Helens St, Abingdon, Berks

1924 Apr 30. The Gazette shows the dissolution of the partnership of E C St.J Ronaldson and F D Marshall, club proprietors of the Johnsonian Club, 3 New St Sq, Bride St, London EC

1926 Jan 6. Bankrupt. Ronaldson, Edward Charles St. John, described in the Receiving Order as Capt. St. John Ronaldson, 3, Redcliffe Street, South Kensington, and of the Templars Club, Essex House, Essex Street, Strand, both London. Club Proprietor. Date of Receiving Order—Jan. 6, 1926. Date of Filing Petition—Dec. 9, 1925.

1926 Jun 22. Not guilty on false pretences charge

1926 Electoral Roll. Living with wife Phyllis, at 3 Redcliffe St, Kensington. Styled as "Capt"

1933 Electoral Roll in 33 Arundel Gdns, Kensington. The lady he is with is Eileen Margaret Ronaldson (no record of marriage)

1939 Register. He is at 33 Thornton Avenue , Yiewsley and West Drayton. Eileen M Ronaldson is there too b1909. He is a Saleman and retired IARO Captain

1959 Died Bury St Edmonds, aged 74