Capt Herman Sanders, Loyal North Lancs


1889 Dec 27. Born Mount Lofty, Adelaide, South Australia

1901 census 19, St Denys Road, Portswood, Southampton

1908 Jul 1. Commissioned Midshipman in RNR

1911 census at 19 St Denys Road Southampton

1911 May 2. Gains 2nd Mates Cert.

1912 Nov 19. Promoted Sub.Lt in RNR. Gains 1st Mates Cert

1914 Jan 5. He appears to have ended his RNR service in 1914. The Navy List has him removed under Art 143

For officers, 143 states ‘An Officer whose conduct in the Mercantile Marine is unsatisfactory may be removed from the List at the discretion of the Admiralty.’ "

1915 Feb 2. His application for re-instatement was refused by the Navy. Which is presumably the reason he then goes into the Army.

1915 Nov 17. Landed in France

1916 Jul 7. Commissioned 2nd Lt in L North Lancs Regt. Cadet Herman Sanders to be temp. 2nd Lt

1917 Feb 4. Temp. 2nd Lt. (on prob.) H. Sanders, attd. N. Lau. R., and to be transfd. to RAF Gen. List

RAF Service Record

1919 Sep 17 To be Temp Capt while employed as Capt (A)

1921 Feb 3. Joined ADRIC with service no 1628. Posted to O Coy.

1921 May 19 Suspended for 1 day.

1922 Jan 16. He served until demobilisation of ADRIC

1922 Mar 30 enlisted in Palestine Gendarmerie

1942 Oct. Squadron Leader in WW2. He gave evidence at the inquest of a Major Skinner who fell to his death from a hotel in London on his wedding night. Sanders had known Skinner since Skinner was 5 years old, and had dined with Skinner the night of the fall. Skinners mother had come down from Scotland, and she lived in Montrose. It is difficult to work out what was going on - Skinner was born in 1912, so Sanders had known Skinner since 1917, when Sanders was 28. I suspect Sanders was living with the family in Montrose. Major Skinner's father died in 1949 and it is clear that he was living with his wife- she is not mentioned in his obit. Major Skinner's mother died in Montrose in 1970. They appear to have separated before 1921 - as they are not living together in 1921 census

1967 Apr 20 Died Montrose, Scotland aged 78