Albert Scott M.S.M, QSA, Mons Star (from ADRIC register)

The ADRIC man claimed Mons Stat. I am working on the assumption, which may be wrong, that he knew Silveira,

1880 Jun 5 Born Lancashire as in RIC record. And there is an Albert Scott born Salford, but he is in 1901 census.and born in wrong quarter

1881 Census at 80 Blandford Street , Liverpool

1891 Census at Holy Trinity Certified Industrial School for Boys, born Liverpool

1898 Oct 31. Albert Scott joins 3rd Cheshire Militia Regt. . He puts born Liverpool circa 1881 Jun. He is a French Polisher (the only Scott on BMD is Albert Edward Scott born Bolton )

1898 Dec 20 Went on to join Cheshire Regt. And #6024 in Cheshire Regt got Boer War Medals. He had same no in WW1

1917 Nov 2 Commissioned in Cheshire Regt

1919 Jan 18. Application for medals from The Kings Lancashire Military Convalescent Hospital, Squires Gate, Blackpool.

1920 Sep 3 Joined ADRIC with service no 485. Posted to E Coy

1920 Sep 7. Promoted Section Leader

1920 Dec 28. Promoted Platoon Commander (this promotion probably did not happen, as his register entry is a spider's web of cancellations)

1921 Jan 8 to 21 Jan on Leave

1921 May 28 . Reverted to Section Leader

1921 May 28 CQM of E Coy

1921 Jul 14. Appointment of CQM cancelled

1921 Sep 2. Resignation accepted after 12 months service. Both he and C T Silveira joined on the same day, and left the same day

1922 Jul/Sep Married in Tendring, Essex to Bertha Cropton (nee Sach). The MIC address was of Bertha Cropton (before she married Scott)

1939 Register with wife Bertha at 119 Crouch Street , Colchester M.B., Essex, (correct dob for ADRIC man). He is an Asst Valuation Officer

1942 Apr/Jun died Colchester

1974 His wife Bertha died in Colchester