Capt. Frank Montgomery Scott M.C, Royal Scots

1892 Jan 10. Born Newbattle, Edinburgh, Scotland

1901 census at Newbattle, Edinburgh

1911 census at 121 Dunkeith Rd, Edinburgh


1915 Feb 2. Sergt to be 2/Lt 2.2.15 5th RS LG 1.2.15

1915 May. Lands Gallipoli. He was initially in 5th Royal Scots. 1/5th Battalion 11 March 1915 : transferred to 88th Brigade, 29th Division at Leamington Spa. Sailed from Avonmouth 20 March 1915, going via Egypt to Gallipoli 25 April 1915. Returned to Egypt 7 January 1916. Moved to France, landing at Marseilles, 10 March 1916. 24 April 1916 : transferred to Lines of Communication. 15 June 1916 : amalgamated with 1/6th to become 5/6th Battalion. 29 July 1916 : transferred to 14th Brigade, 32nd Division.

1915 Jun 6. 2/Lt FM Scott disembarked 10.6.15 (2B) Royal Scots Piece 2947 15Star medal roll

1915 Sep 14. Promoted Lt

1916 Aug 7. War Diary 9RS: Scott, F.M., Lt. 5th RS joined for duty 7 Aug 1916, officer commanding 'B' Coy reorganised line 20 Sept 1917, remained at Izel-Lez-Hameau with 'B' Echelon 17 Nov 1917

1917 Jan 26. SCOTT, F.M. Lieut. B.Coy. Dead heat. , Hundred Yards [Open to Officers], 26.1.17, Battalion Sports – Somewhere in France, The Leather Sporran, Vol.1 No.4,

1917 Nov 19 Gazetted M.C. to Lt. Frank Montgomery Scott, R. Scots. For conspicuous gallantry and devotion to duty. The leading wave of the company was held up by hostile machine-gun fire. He quickly reorganised the three platoons, and again leading them forward captured the objective.

1918 Apr 25. Lt. F. M. Scott, M.C., R. Scots., to be actg. Capt. whilst comdg. a Coy

1918 Aug 26. Three companies of the Royal Scots, “ A,” “ B,” and “ C,” under Major C. W. Whitaker, the Second-in- Command, embarked on barges on the 26th August,and five days later reached the village of Bereznik. “ D ” Company was stationed at Archangel. On the 4th September it sent a platoon under Lieut. Anderson to join a small force of marines and Russians, afterwards known as “ D ” Force, which was put under the command of Captain F. M. Scott of the Royal Scots (The 2/10 Royal Scots in Northern Russia)

1920 Aug 13 Joined ADRIC with service no 214. Posted to B Coy

1921 Feb 4. Promoted Platoon Commander DI3

1921 Feb 8 to 22 Feb on Leave

1921 Mar 24. To be Intelligence Officer B Coy

1921 Jul 29 to 25 Aug on Leave

1921 Oct 2 Promoted 2nd in Command and DI2 I am unclear if this happened. It is only in 1 of the 2 registers

1922 Jan 7. Posted from B Coy to Depot. and admitted Stevens Hospital

1922 Jan 17 Discharged on demobilisation of ADRIC

1922 Mar 29. Joined the British Gendarmerie section of the Palestine Police as a Head Constable

Appears in a photo of Palestine Gendarmerie officers (Revolution p200)

1926-30 Marries Janet MacLeod in a consular marriage in Alexandria, Egypt

1929 Sep 6. Attends Braemar Games in Scotland with his wife.

1930 Jun 20. Stabbed by a disgruntled ex-policeman in Jaffa. He recovers.

1935 Jan 1. MR. F. M. SCOTT , M.C. , Assistant Superintendent , Grade K , Palestine Police Force and Prisons Service , to be Prison Superintendent, Grade H, with effect from the 1st January, 1935 .

1935 Oct 30 Leaves UK for Port Said. A police officer living in Palestine. UK address 137 Warrenden Pk Rd, Edinburgh. With his wife Janet. Their names are crossed out, so I assume they did not sail on this ship

1938 Aug 27. Leaves UK for Port Said. He is a police officer living in Palestine. Travels first class, accompanied by his wife Janet (6 years older than he). Their UK address is 22 Beresford Rd Harrow

1974 Apr/Jun Died Cleveland, Yorkshire