Lt Morris George Sutherland Sherriff, QSA

Edinburgh Academy Register

1881 Aug 14 . Born Shillong, Assam, India. Son of John Pringle Sherriff and Sophia Margaret Sherriff. His father was a Lt General in Indian Staff Corps His father went on to marry 3 times

1891 census at Edinburgh with his parents

John P Sherriff 59
Helen G Sherriff 32
Morris G S Sherriff 9
Charles A Sherriff 4
Helen G Sherriff 1
Margaret D Millar 38
Agnes Hunter 18
Marion Wallace 50
Jane Paton 27

1891 to 1897 Attended Edinburgh Academy

1900 Mar 16. Enlists in Imperial Yeomanry in Edinburgh

1901 Dec 3. Imperial Yeomanry. 18th Battalion, The name of Second Lieutenant M. G. S. Sherriff is as now described and not as stated in the Gazette of 13th August, 1901

The Queen's South Africa (QSA) Medal Clasps: Cape Colony, Orange Free State, Transvaal, Rhodesia The King's South Africa (QSA) Medal Clasps: South Africa 1901, South Africa 1902

1902 Jun 23. MID

1902 Jul 9. SS Briton left South Africa. Among those on board were Lt M G S Sheriff of Imperial Yeomanry.

1902 Aug 27. Lieutenant M.G.S. Sherriff relinquishes his Commission, and is granted the honorary rank of Lieutenant in the Army, with permission to wear the uniform of the Corps.

1903 Jan 5. Left UK for Cape Town. He served in Police Dept in Natal until 1907

1904 Apr 11 Married in Pretoria, St. Alban the Martyr Anglican to Rose May Alsop, nee Harris

1907 In mining in Rhodesia. He was a member of Association of Mine Managers South Africa (AMMSA): He was in mining until 1921, when he lost his money in speculation in mining. He then returned to UK to get work

1911 Jan 21. His father died in Edinburgh, the CB was awarded on 50th anniversary of Indian Mutiny in Kings Birthday honours of 1907

1911 Jul 26 Leaves UK for Gold Coast. ADC at Bole

1912 Oct 8. Arrives in UK from Gold Coast Travels 1st class.

1913 Feb 13. Leaves UK for Gold Coast. District Commissioner

1913 Dec Post to Bole, Western Frontier District, Gold Coast

1914 Mar 31 Left Bole

1914 Aug 10. Left UK for Gold Coast.

1915 Mar 7. He was Acting District Commissioner at Lorha.

Perhaps what looked like a "Jihad" in the making was hatched in Gawa in Burkina Faso. Writing about what he was told by his French counterpart, M.G. S. Sheriff, District Commissioner for Wa, informed the Provincial Circumcision that after lunch with his counterpart he was told that there was a ~muslin agitation at Gawa in French territory. Several Mallarns were said to be preaching a "Jihad" in Gawa and issued a proclamation in Arabic that if al1 black men rose they would be able to drive white men out of the country. The preachers further said that Allah had decreed that the "Black man's country belongs to Black man.". Sheriff claims to have been told that the Mallams who preached "sedition" were from Togoland and that arms, guns and gunpowder and Proclamations from Egypt had been discovered at Wohabo in northern Togo. Finally, Sheriff reported that he had been cautioned that one Mallarn from Duri with twenty followers and two horses were on their way either to Diebogu or to French territory. Ph D Thesis of Nana James Kwaku Brukum, 1997

1915 Dec 25, Arrives in UK from Gold Coast. He is a District Commissioner.

1916 Aug 9. Leaves UK for Gold Coast. Colonial Civil Service

1916 Mar 6. Hon. Lt. Morris G.S. Sherriff, late I.Yeo., to be temp. Lt, whilst employed as a Recruiting Officer.

1916 Oct 5 Back at Bole and appears to be there until Apr 1917

Various methods ranging from exhortation laced with insults and threats to direct orders were resorted to in the Northern Territories to obtain recruits. For example, in February 1917 when Sheriff, the District Commissioner for Bole, received instructions to obtain recruits, he summoned the Yagbumwura and his subchiefs to a meeting at Bole and told them to produce recruits "to give him and them a good name." When they could not produce the number he requested, he publicly stripped the Yagbunnira and Bolewura to the waist and then threw them into "guard room" for several hours .a' This and other incidents led to the "Bole Rebellion Ph D Thesis of Nana James Kwaku Brukum, 1997

1917 Jun 10. Arrives in UK from Gold Coast. He is a Political Officer. Heading for Slanton, South Devon. His record shows he was invalided back home.

1919 Jan 30 Child born Bruce Sinclair Sherriff

1920 Oct 28 Divorce from Rose May Harris/Alsop

1920 Oct 28. Joined ADRIC with service no 896. Posted to A Coy

1921 Jun 11. Posted to R Coy

1921 Jul 12 to 25 Jul on Leave

1921 Sep 3 to 29 Sep on Leave

1921 Oct/Dec Married in Dublin to Dorothy McMullen

1922 Jan 16. Discharged on demobilisation of ADRIC

1923 Feb 20 Son Ian William born in Totnes, Devon

1939 Register He is a Retired Colonial Administrator living at 383 Holdenhurst Road , Bournemouth C.B., Hampshire (Living with Eva Clissold. she never married him. She sailed Cape Town to Melbourne in 1959)

His wife Dorothy is living at The Den Plympton St Mary, Devon, with her son Ian W born 1923

1948 Jul 12. Arrives in New Zealand from Melbourne. He is a Farmer, travels alone

1950 Aug 4 Died South Africa