Lt Samuel Ernest Sinclair MGC

1893 April 19. Born Cheshire

1893 May 14. Baptised at Bickley, Cheshire

1901 census at Cholmondeley, Cholmondeley (He is Ernest S here)

1911 census at Bickley Malpas Cheshire (again as Earnest)

1916 Nov 30. Landed in France

1917 Jul 7. Married Sarah Ellen Graham

1917 Nov 28. Commissioned 2nd Lt

1918 May 27 Taken POW

1918 Dec . Repatriated from Germany

1919 May 28 Promoted Lt

1919 Sep 7. He serves in Murmansk, North Russia

1921 Jan 1. Relinquishes his commission as Lt in MGC

1920 Aug 13 . Joined ADRIC with service no 220. Posted to A Coy

1921 Mar 13. Struck off strength of ADRIC when appointed T/DI.3 in RIC Transport Division

WW1 BRITISH OFFICER MGC / R.W. KENT P.O.W. MURMANSK ARCHIVE A small archive appertaining to 2Lt. / Lt S.E. Sinclair R.W.Kent Regt. And Machine Gun Corps. The archive is varied and consists of Lt Sinclair’s named MGC certificate of service 1915-18. His Prisoner of War pay book headed ‘Offizier-Gefangenenlager Stralsund/Danholm with his POW number and of course name. A POW letter envelope and Red cross POW post card. 2 cheques drawn on Dutch banks dated June and October 1918. 2 Passes one from 3rd Bat R.W. Kent Regt 1917 and the other the M.G.C.1918-19. An Embarkation Clearance Certificate Murmansk dated 7 Sept. 1919 What appears to be 3 Regimental news letters on full scape paper Daily orders of the Royal Irish Constabulary Transport Division naming Lt Sinclair, dated Sept 1921. And a printed sheet of Receiving Deport Orders Grantham dated October 1919.

1922 Feb 22 Rejoined from Gormanstown and discharged on demobilisation of ADRIC

1939 Living in Holly Bank Townfield Lane , Chester R.D., Cheshire with Florence Sinclair. He is an Assistant Manager

1940 Mar 14. Commissioned Lt in RASC. Lt. Samuel Ernest SINCLAIR (114875), late M.G.C

1981 Died at Poole, Dorset aged 88