Bruce Ford De Berniere Smith


1880 Oct 22. Born New York, USA

1891 census in St Pancras, London

1901 census in 4, Gloucester Terrace, St Pancras, London

1903 Oct 20. Requests a USA Passport from USA London Embassy. He is a 22 year old "Correspondent" living in London, and wants the passport to travel to Russia

1905 Starts work in Shanghai for China Japan Trading Co.

1911 Apr 13. Applies for USA passport to travel in Siberia, Russia and in Europe. It is at US Embassy in Peking, and he is living in Shanghai

1911 Nov 1. He married in St Jude, Southsea to Sophie E A Grant (he is Bruce F de B Smith). They are believed to have had no children.

1912 Sep 12. Applies for a USA passport in Washington. He is Temp resident in Shanghai and wants the passport to travel to London via Siberia.

1915 Oct 16. Applies for USA passport to visit China, Japan and England via Russia. He and his wife live in Shanghai, and have no children

1916 Dec 30 Applies for a USA passport to travel to London

1916 Dec 31. Arrives from New York in UK. Travels with his wife Sophie de B Smith. They travel 1st Class, and have been living in China. He is "Mercantile". Their UK address is 4 Gloucester Gate, Regents Park, London. Both are USA citizens.

1917 Jan 24. Applies for Registration at USA Embassy in London

1917 Dec 16. Labour Corps The following Cadets to be temp 2nd.Lt. Bruce De Berniere Smith

1918 Sep 30. Hamps Regt . Temp 2nd Lt .B de B Smith from Labour Corps to be Temp. 2nd Lt with seniority from 16 Dec 1917

1919 Jun 16 . Promoted temp Lt in Hamps Regt

1920 Feb 9. Hamps Regt. Temp Lt B de B Smith relinquishes his commission on completion of service and retains the rank of Lt.

1920 Jul 2. Nationality and Naturalisation: Smith, Bruce Ford De Berniere, from the United States of America. Resident in Southsea. Certificate 6,758 issued 2 July 1920.

1920 Aug 13. Joined ADRIC with service no 237. Posted to B Coy

1921 May 28 to 27 Jun on Leave

1921 Jul 29 to 25 Aug on Leave

1921 Dec 17 to 30 Dec on Leave

1922 Jan 23. Discharged on demobilisation of ADRIC

1923 Oct 3 Robbed by John Martindale who served also in RIC

1939 Living with wife Sophie Ethel Anne De Berniere Smith at 4 Worthing Road , Portsmouth C.B., Hampshire,

1969 Aug 27. Died in Porchester, Hants, His wife died 12 Jul 1969, only 6 weeks earlier.