Albert Harper Smith RNR

The most likely man is Albert Harper Smith , a Skipper in RNR. Appointed 12 Apr 1915 on the Daimler. Born 30 Jun 1878 in Gillingham Kent. There is a seaman's card with photo. But without any more information, I cannot be certain

1878 Jun 30 Born Gillingham , Kent But no record of such a birth as either Albert Harper nor Albert Smith

1911 census On a fishing boat in Padstow, Cornwall

1915 Apr 12. Appointed Skipper in RNR on Daimler

1919 Gets a Seaman's Card

1921 Oct 31. Accepted in England Joined ADRIC with service no 2150. Posted to Depot.

1921 Dec 7. Appointed A/CQM

1921 Dec 19. Relinquishes appointment of A/CQM

1921 Dec 31. He get a new seaman's card

1922 Jan. He appears to have still been serving at the demobilisation of ADRIC