Chief Skipper John Thomas Standen RNR


1882 Oct 22. Born, Pluckley, Kent (RIC)

1901 census living at Hastings

1901 Sep 23 to 24 Oct 1901 . Enlisted in RN as AB

RNR Record

which gives him born Pluckley, Kent on 22 Oct 1882

1911 census at Mumford Farm, Wittersham,Kent

1911 maried Kate Gertrude Cooper in Tenderden

1915 May 5. Appointed "Skipper" in RNR

1917 Jan 1. Appointed "Chief Skipper". Skipper RNR was an rank used in the British Royal Naval Reserve for skippers of fishing boats who were members of the service. It was equivalent to Warrant Officer. Skippers could also be promoted to Chief Skipper RNR (equivalent to Commissioned Warrant Officer) and Skipper Lieutenant RNR.

1921 Feb 16. Joined ADRIC with service no 1689. Posted to J Coy.

1921 Apr 7. Posted to Q Coy

1922 Jan. I assume he served till demobilisation

1939 Register. Living at Park House , Tenterden R.D., Kent, England with wife Katie G. He is an incapacitated dairy farmer

1961 Oct/Dec. Died Worthing

1983 His wife Kate G Standen died in Ashford, Kent