Capt. Stephen Arthur Stoddart, RMLI


Having been a regular officer in RMLI, he ran into a number of problems - RM record is difficult to read but is clear that problems with disciple ran from 1906 and with drink from 1910. Arrest and court martial were a consequence. Eventually he was pushed out in 1913. He lasted 3 months in ADRIC before being "struck off strength". He was acquited on a theft charge while manager of a liquor store after leaving ADRIC. I cannot follow his life from then till his death in 1942

1883 Jun 2. Born Jhansi, Bengal, India. Son of Capt Charles Henry Stoddart and Fanny (nee Vance)

1901 Jan 1. Commissioned 2nd Lt in RMLI

1901 census at Royal Naval College, Greenwich

Royal Marine record has his full record, but thRM have typed the relevant bits separately

1902 Jan 1. Promoted Lt in RMLI

1906 Jul/Sep. Married in Maidstone, Kent to Gladys Cricket Snelling

1911 census on HMS Minerva in Malta. Married

1912 Jan 1. Promoted Captain.

1913 about. He marries Dorothy Forwall Bridgeman

1913 Jun . Retires from RM. Captain Stephen Arthur Stoddart is placed on the Retired List at his own request, with a gratuity,

1914 Jan 1. Arrives in Canada seeking "any employment". His wife is "Dorothy Edith"

1914 Sep 23. Enlisted in CEF and commissioned


1915 Feb 6. Officer Commanding 'C' Company Chatham Battalion MEF

1915 Jun 6. Wounded at Helles

1915 Nov 9 Joined HMS Caesar at Bermuda.

1916 Feb 28 At Bermuda on HMS Caesar, a pre war Dreadnought. Capt SA Stoddart RMLI: Admonished for having exceeded the limit of his wine bill for the current month.

 1916 Apr 5. At Berbuda on HMS Caesar. Stopped the wine bill of Captain Stephen A Stoddart RMLI, his daily consumption of alcohol being frequently excessive.

1916 May 20. At Bermuda on HMS Caesar . Discharged to HM Transport "Magdalena" for a passage to England Captain SA Stoddart RMLI and gunnery class of 46 ratings

1916 Jul 14. Demobilised by the Royal Marines

1916 Aug 4. Appointed temp Lt in Army on General List

1918 Bankrupt

1920 Oct 25. Joins ADRIC with service no 836. Posted to F Coy,

1921 Jan 24. "Struck off strength" of ADRIC

1922 Jun 16. Not Guilty of theft

1939 Register. He is a retired Capt of Marines living at 14 South Close , Merton and Morden U.D., Surrey. With wife Dorothy E.

1942 Jan 15 Died Surrey aged 58.

1953 His son married in Malta . Anthony STODDART, bachelor, aged 27 years, Lieutenant, Royal Marines, HMS Falcon, the son of Captain Stephen Arthur Stoddart, Royal Marines deceased, married 9th May 1953 to, Joan TAYLOR, spinster, aged 23 years, WRNS, HMS Falcon, the daughter of Edward William George Bencroft Taylor