Capt. Douglas Hyndford Stoker

1893 Jun 14 . Born at Carrigaline, Co. Cork. The son of Edward Beck and Elizabeth Morris Stoker née McOstrich, of Leecarrow Passage

1901 census at 5 Grange, Lehenagh, Cork

Educated at Dixon’s Army College, Cork, and by private tuition.

1911 census at 5 Grange, Lehenagh, Cork

1913 Dec 7. Applied for a commission. Address, Clifton Grange, Douglas, Cork.

1914 Jan 24. Appointed 2/Lt., 4th R. Irish

1914 Dec 26. Promoted Lt.,

1915 Oct 4. Joined 2nd RIR, went to hospital with dyspepsia the following day

1915 Oct 10. Returned to the UK, 10.10.1915.

1916 Mar 20. Reported to 4th R. Irish at Queenstown

1916 Oct 23. Returned to France but was not considered fit. Placed on Base duties.

1917 Jul 16. Struck off the establishment of 6th R. Irish

1917 Oct 10. R. Ir. Regt.—Lt. D. H. Stoker is seed, to comd. a Prisoners of War Co.

1919 Nov 1. 1919 . The undermentioned relinquish the temp rank of Capt. on ceasing to be empld. with the Labour Corps : — Lt . D . H . Stoke r (4th Bn., R.Ir.Regt., Spec . Res.) .

1919 Nov 2. Discharged from British Army, rated A, single.

1920 Jun 28. Joined RIC as a Barrack Defence Sgt

1921 Jan 14 Joined ADRIC with service no 1515 Posted to H Coy.

1921 Aug 6. Posted to C Coy

1922 Jan. He appears to have served until demobilisation of ADRIC

1921 Jun 21. His address was c/o Kidd & Co., Grafton Street, Dublin, when he wrote to the WO. He had to leave his home in Cork a few months after he returned from France because of ‘the recent trouble in Ireland … my people in Cork were warned that I was not to return’. He was making arrangements to move to England and thought it advisable to resign his commission. He had not received his medals and thought that correspondence to his home was being interfered with. Resigned his commission on disbandment of the R. Irish Regiment,

1922 Jul 14. . By 1926 Kidd & Co. had gone into liquidation and his new address was 78 Harcourt Street, Dublin.

1922 Jul 15. 4th R. Ir. Regt..—Lit. D. H. Stoker resigns his commn., 15th July 1922, and is granted the rank of Capt

1939 Dec 28. Died Clifton Grange, Douglas, Cork


WO 339/10361