James Young Sweeny


1892 Jul 6. Born Londonderry. Son of Thomas Campbell Sweeny

1901 census at 58 Clarendon Street, Londonderry

1910 May Arrived in Canada from Ireland

1915 Jul 2. Attested for CEF

1916 May. Left Canada with CEF

1917 Jul 1. Commissioned Lt in Canadian Infantry. No . 147432 Co.Qt r.Mr.Serjt. J.Y. Sweeny to be temp. Lt . (Substituted for Gaz notification 19 July 1917, page 7325, incorrectly describing name as J. Y . Sweeney)

1918 Jul 7. 78th Canadian Infantry DivisionRaimbert, France. . Lieut. J.Y. Sweeny resumes duties of Works Officer. Lieut. Bingham joined battalion and posted to “B ” Coy. Lieut. W.V. Sticker also and posted to “C” Coy. Lew is Gun class for officers 2 – 2.30 P .m. Draft 22 reinforcements taken on strength

1918 Aug 10. Wounded.

1921 Apr 5. Accepted in Ireland. Joined ADRIC with service no 1880. Posted to R Coy.

1921 Dec 2. "Suspended"

1921 Dec 8. "Removed from suspension"

1922 Jan He appears to have served until demobilisation of ADRIC

1923 Sep 23. Leaves UK for Canada. The Strand, Londonderry, he is a Clerk

1942 Apr 27 WW2 Draft Card in USA. He is claiming (incorrectly) American birth. I suspect that he was an illegal immigrant

1956 Aug 24. Died Knoxville, Tennessee, he was a salesman