Lt Frank Taylor

Frank Taylor was a Medical Student at Westminster College when he joined the RAF. His RAF Service Record is available.

1899 Oct 31. Born as Frank William Taylor at Strood, Kent

1901 census. Living with his parents at 72, Weston Road, Strood Intra, Kent

1911 census living with parents at 21 Sea View Road Gillingham Kent

1915 to 1917 Medical Student at Westminster College

1917 Oct 31. Post to Farnborough

1917 Nov 7. Posted to Hastings ICW

1917 Dec 6. Posted to St Leonards ICW

1918 Jan 5 Posted to 2 OTTW St Leonards

1918 Mar 16. to 7 School of Aeronautics. Bath, which seems to have been for observers.

1918 May 7. Appointed Lt, Flying.

1918 May 27. In Hospital. 7th School of Aeronautics. 3rd London General.

1918 Sep 27. To no1 School of Aeronautics which was at Reading for preliminary course of instruction in aviation.

1919 Jan 4. To Arm. School

1919 Apr 7. In Arm. School Uxbridge hospital, and transferred to Hampstead.

1919 Apr 18. Transferred to SEA.NEOP

1919 May 21. Transferred to unemployed list.

1920 Aug 17. joined the ADRIC with RIC no 72824 , ADRIC no 331. Home address: 21 Seaview Road, Gillingham, Kent. Posted to

1920 Nov 28 Killed in Kilmichael Ambush