2nd Lt. Gordon Charles Taylor, R West Kent

1897 Feb 16. Born Blean, Kent

1901 census at 1 Roebuck Terrace, Herne Bay

1911 census at 2 Newby Villa, Cobblers Bridge Road, Herne Bay

1915 Jan. His service number indicates that he joined Connaught Ranger around this time. Looking at service records of men with regimental numbers close to his, it looks like he enlisted directly into the Connaught Rangers rather than with a draft from another Regiment.

1918 Mar 17. Commissioned R.W. Kent R.—Serjt. Gordon Charles Taylor, from Conn. Rang.

1919 Aug 10. R.W. Kent R.—2nd Lt. G. C. Taylor retires, receiving a gratuity.

1920 Oct 20 Joined ADRIC with service no 790. Posted to L Coy

1921 Mar 4 to 18 Mar on Leave

1921 May 20 Promoted Section Leader

1921 Jun 16. Injured in Rathcoole Ambush . Later got £335 compensation. Admitted to Cork Military Hospital

1921 Jul 11. Discharged from Cork Military Hospital. Then on Medical leave until 31 Aug 1921.

1922 Jan 20 Discharged on demobilisation of ADRIC

1925 Oct 17. Travels to Hong Kong from UK. His UK address is 7 Western Av, Herne Bay (same as on his MIC) , and he is a "Policeman" living in China

1935 Jan 18. Arrives in UK from Hong Kong. UK address 7 Western Av, Herne Bay . Travels 2nd Class. Police

1939 May 5. His Majesty The King has been graciously pleased to award the Colonial Police Medal, for Gallantry, to the Members of Colonial Police Forces whose names appear below: — Gordon Charles Taylor, Sergeant, Hong Kong Police Force.

1942 Interned by the Japanese. Taylor, G.C. Sub-Inspector (51)(103). Towards the end of 1941, the police were sworn in as auxiliary troops. There were approximately 250 European officers, plus 1250 other staff and 5000 civilians. Police HQ (which is now the Island Regional HQ and Central Police station) was in Central at Hollywood Road.

1945 Nov 9. Arrives UK from Hong Kong. Police Officer. UK address in Herne Bay

1947 Apr 30 Arrives in UK from Hong Kong. A Police Officer. UK Address in Herne Bay

1977 Jul/Sep. Died Canterbury, Kent