John Howard Taylor


This is a curious case of a man joining as an ADRIC, being dismissed and rejoining as a Black & Tan, and getting dismissed from that too. He went on to become a legendary Big Game Hunter in Africa "Pondoro"

1904 Jan 6 Born Dublin. In Irish BMD. His brother William Taylor was also in ADRIC


1911 census in Dublin


1921 Feb 14. Joined ADRIC with service no 1677. Posted to K Coy. Accepted in Ireland. He was Lieut. in RASC. His RIC no was 82567And dob as 6 Jan 1901

1921 Mar 13. Posted to O Coy

Fined 10/- by Coy Commander ) Coy

1921 Apr 13. "Discharged the force" "Dismissed".

1921 Apr 26 Joined RIC as a Black & Tan 80699. And dob of 6 Jan 1902

1921 Aug 10. Dismissed RIC

1921 Oct 14 arrived in Canada

WW2 served in Kings African Rifles. Wounded in Burma

His biography "A Man called Lion" explores his life in full

He shot prodigious numbers of game. For example over 1000 elephants

He was believed to be homosexual, and was persecuted in Africa in his latter years there. Local authorities forced him to leave Africa due to his continued poaching offences.  His experience as a hunter, as well as his expertise with rifles, should have enabled him to find a well paying job as a representative of one of the major gunmakers in London. However, rumours of his homosexual past in Africa followed him to England, and he found little work. Taylor's last years were spent in poverty

1969 Mar 31 Died London aged 65