2nd Lt. Robert James Thomson

1897 Jan 22. Born Dumfries, Scotland

1901 census at 20 Church Cres, Dumfries. His father was a coachman

Robert Thomson 39
Jane Thomson 37
Jane Thomson 13
Robert James Thomson 4

1917 Sep 24 . Commissioned 2nd Lt

1920 Dec 13. Joined ADRIC with service no 1225. Posted to F Coy

1921 May 2 to Jun 20 In Stevens Hospital

Fined 1 days pay

1921 Oct 9. Died Not on Irish GRO, nor Scottish, nor English as died at sea in a collision between Clan Malcolm and HMS Rowan. His wife and child were among the list of those killed as well. Buried in Dumfries

SS Rowan left Glasgow 08/10/1921. It was delayed at Greenock awaiting arrival of Southern Synchopated Orchestra, American Jazz Band touring British Music Halls. Approaching Corsewall Point in thick fog, lights of a steamer are seen. Rowan turns to starboard but struck on stern by US Ship WEST CAMAK sailing inwards for Glasgow. Passengers were given lifejackets and as preparing to abandon ship ROWAN swings across channel and is struck on starboard side by CLAN MALCOLM which had been following ROWAN out of Glasgow. ROWAN sinks quickly. 77 Rescued but 36 lost including Capt Brown.and the wife of Will Fyfe and several of the jazz band. ROWAN to blame for first collision (speed in fog and failure to sound whistle). Half to blame for second collision (failure to sound whistle as a vessel stopped in the water). Burn's WOODCOCK at the rescue.


WO 339/85669