Capt. Edward Joseph Trim M.C

Collins Papers

1892 Dec 28. Born London, England

1901 census at 4, St David Street, Newington

1911 census at 12 Falmouth Road S E (same as MIC)

He was a Police Constable in Marlow when he enlsited in 1914

1915 May 26. 19th (County of London) Battalion, The London Regiment (St. Pancras); the undermentioned to be Second Lieutenants: — Edward Joseph Trim.

1915 Oct 4. Lands in France

1915 Oct 25. London Regt. 2nd Lt. E. J. Trim to be Adjt.

1915 Oct/Dec. Married in Wycombe to Hilda Barksfield

1916 Jul/Sep, died in Lambeth his wife Hilda

1916 Nov 14. MC Gazetted. 2nd Lt. (temp. Capt.) Edward Joseph Trim, Lond. R. For conspicuous gallantry in action. After the senior officers had become casualties, he displayed great coolness and gallantry in reorganising the battalion and consolidating the position gained, under very heavy fire.

1917 Apr 26. 2nd Lt. (temp. Capt.) E. J. Trim, M.C., to be Lt. (temp. Capt.), with precedence as from 1st June 1916.

1917 Jun 19. 2nd Lt. J. J. Sheppard, M.C., to be Adjt., and to be actg. Lt. whilst holding the appt., vice Lt. E. J. Trim, M.C.

1917 Nov 7. Lt. E. J. Trim, M.C., is seconded. The LG does not say where, I assume from the 1920 fraud trial that it was to Ministry of Munitions

1918 Feb 21. Slander trial in Marlow

1918 Oct/Dec Married in Southwark to Nellie Portlock. They have 3 children, 1 born Wycombe, the other 2 born Uxbridge.

1919 Feb 26. 19th Bn., London Regt. — Lt. E. J. Trim, M.C., to be Capt. next above Capt. E. C. Baker.

1919 May 19. 19th Bn.., London Regt.—Lt. E. J. Trim, M.C., is restored to the estbt. 1919.

1920 Feb 20. Sentenced to 6 months for fraud. The man gaoled was Edward Joseph Trim and there was only 1 birth registered 1891,1892,1893.

1920 Oct 1. Joins ADRIC with service no 668. Posted to F Coy

1920 Oct 29 Appointed Intelligence Officer F Coy and promoted DI3

1920 Oct 22. In Beggars Bush Barracks when he saw T/Cadet Bruce and gave evidence at Bruce's trial - I take this to be him as there does not appear to be another "C D Trim" in ADRIC

1920 Nov 5. Involved in the case of Constable C H Biddle and his attempt to sell a service revolver. Involved were T/C EJ Sullivan, DI2 (he was a S/l on the date of the offence) T Sparrow, DI2 EJ Trim

1921 Dec 1. Relinquishes his commission. 19th Bn., Lond. R.— Capt. E. J. Trim, M.C

1921 Jan 3 Posted to H Coy as Intelligence Officer

1921 Feb 6 to 19 Feb on Leave

1921 Mar 9. Posted to Depot

1921 Mar 5. Reverts to T/Cadet (entry hard to read)

1921 Apr 23. Posted to N Coy

1921 Aug 12 to 24 Aug on Leave

1921 Sep 23 - 28. Placed under suspension to 28 Sep 1921

1921 Nov 3 Suspended

1921 Nov 4. Permitted to resign on compassionate grounds

1923 Dec 15 Bound over. Same as MIC address

1926 More problems

1939 Register. A married Metropolitain Police Constable living at 84B Queens Road,Queenstown , Battersea

1966 Apr/Jun Died Hillingdon, Middlesex aged 73