Lt Edward William Trotman RAF

1893 Mar 23. Born Bermondsey, London

1901 census in London

1909 Jan 9 Attests to TA.

1911 census in Bermondsey

1911 Oct 6. Obtained a job as a preventative man with HMC&E in UK

1911-1913 He was a Preventive Man in Chinese Maritime Customs service. Between 1910 and 1915 there was a recruitment campaign, throughout HMC&E, for the Preventive Service of the Chinese Maritime Customs (CMC). Several Officers were recruited and went to China. There was some disquiet over the terms and conditions once they were in China and most left for better paid jobs quite quickly. Some of these volunteers, mainly Preventive Men, have been identified as .... Edward William Trotman . The Chinese Maritime Customs Service was a Chinese governmental tax collection agency and information service from its founding in 1854 until its bifurcation in 1949 into services operating in the Treaty Ports of the Republic of China on Taiwan, and in the People's Republic of China. Until 1912 it was named the Imperial Maritime Customs Service It was run by a range of foreign nationals but with a preponderance of UK nationals, broadly on UK Customs lines.

1913 Jun 14 Left UK for Shanghai. This appears to be his first trip to Shanghai. He is certainly still in TA in Aug 1921.

1913-1914 Tidewaiter - 3rd Class Shanghai . Left without permission

1914 Oct 16. Shanghai - 110 men climb aboard the Japanese ship, the SS Suwa Maru, making is maiden voyage from Yokohama to London. Under the command of Captain Alan Hilton-Johnson, they were heading to England to join Lord Kitchener’s ‘New Army’ of civilian volunteers. Many of them were former soldiers or marines, and under Hilton-Johnson’s supervision the contingent would receive the rudiments of a military training as they sailed. Among them was Edward William Trotman, who was working for Chinese Customs in Shanghai. The full list of the 110 men in in this book . Also in the group was W F Martinson, HJ Beach, H S Robertson,

1915 Oct 29. Commissioned 2nd Lt in RFA

1917 Oct 15. Observer Officer in RFC with seniority from 16 Jul 1917

RAF Record

1920 Apr 1, Gazetted out as Lt

1921 Jun 14. Joined ADRIC with service no 2050. Posted to A Coy

1922 Jan Appears to have served until demobilisation of ADRIC

1939 Register. Living at 76 Adelaide Avenue , Lewisham, London. Wife Elsiena M, he is a Outboard Motor Designer & ex-RAF Officer

1939 Oct/Dec Died Bromley, Kent aged 46.(not CWGC)