2nd.Lt Oliver Lord Kendal Utting, MGC & RAF


1896 Apr 5. Born Norfolk

1901 Census in Norwich

1911 census at 169 Earlham Rd, Norwich

1912 to 1914 A motor car salesman

1914 Aug 4 Enlisted

1915 Mar 5. Discharged "His services no longer being required" "not being an efficient MT driver"

He must have re-enlisted in MGC as a Private

1919 Apr 29 Disembodied as a Private in MGC. Commission on discharge


1920 Jul/Sep Married in Norwich WINIFRED D PATTINSON

1921 Jan 12. Joined ADRIC with service no 1501. Posted to I Coy. DI3 as it says in numeric register, but not in Alphabetic, I don't think he was a DI3 at any point. There may be confusion in registers with RD Utting who was a DI3

1921 Feb 5 Posted to Depot

1921 Feb 20 Wounded in Grenade attack in Phibsboro

1921 ? Posted back to I Coy

Report of 11 Jun 1921

1922 Jan 10 "Dismissed the Force" seems a bit late in the day, so he must have done something really bad. Conerney CJG also dismiss that day

1928 May 16

1928 Oct 6.

1930 May 9. Died in Scotland