2nd.Lt Oliver Lord Kendal Utting, MGC & RAF


1896 Apr 5. Born Norfolk

1901 Census in Norwich

1911 census at 169 Earlham Rd, Norwich

1912 to 1914 A motor car salesman

1914 Aug 4 Enlisted

1915 Mar 5. Discharged "His services no longer being required" "not being an efficient MT driver"

He must have re-enlisted in MGC as a Private

1919 Apr 29 Disembodied as a Private in MGC. Commission on discharge


1920 Jul/Sep Married in Norwich WINIFRED D PATTINSON

1921 Jan 12. Joined ADRIC with service no 1501. Posted to I Coy. DI3 as it says in numeric register, but not in Alphabetic, I don't think he was a DI3 at any point. There may be confusion in registers with RD Utting who was a DI3

1921 Feb 5 Posted to Depot

1921 Feb 20 Wounded in Grenade attack in Phibsboro

1921 ? Posted back to I Coy

Report of 11 Jun 1921

1922 Jan 10 "Dismissed the Force" seems a bit late in the day, so he must have done something really bad. Conerney CJG also dismiss that day

1928 May 16

1928 Oct 6.

1929 Jul/Sep his wife died in Norwich. They appear to have separated. He was engaged to a girl in Scotland

1930 May 9. Died in Scotland