Reginald Denny Utting MC, Lincolnshire Regt

1886 May 8. Born Norwich, Norfolk son of Henry Denny Utting and Emily Maria Moore. His father died in 1896 in the USA. He was an Englishman and a Stonecutter. He died of Typhoid Fever.

1891 census at 56, Wellington Road, Norwich

1901 census living with grandparents at 112, Stafford Street, Norwich, Heigham

1911 Census at 120 Hall Road, Norwich

1911 Apr/Jun married to Emma E Moyes in Norwich. I don't think there were any children

1917 Apr 28 The undermentioned, from Officer Cadet Units, to be 2nd Lts. Lincoln R.—Reginald Denney Utting.

1918 May 30. Regimental History says "The morning of May 30th was very misty and at 2.30 a.m. an enemy barrage of trench mortar bombs was put down on the right Company front, and subsequently switched on to Route A Keep, garrisoned by D Company, and at the same time movement in front was observed and the S.O.S. was sent to our artillery. Two minutes later an artillery barrage was put down behind the trench mortar barrage, and the enemy was seen to be advancing. It was difficult in the mist to determine the enemy strength, but he appeared to have a large party, stated afterwards by a prisoner to number between 40 and 50 men. The enemy advanced to our wire, but lost formation in trying to get through, and was met by steady rifle and machine gun fire; our own artillery and machine gun barrage was very quick and good, being put down just in front of our wire, and the enemy quickly abandoned the attempt. Only one man got through the wire and was made prisoner, so that an identification of the 395th I.R., 9th Reserve Division, was obtained. Throughout the operation the men behaved splendidly, and 2nd Lieut. Utting and Lance-Sergt. G. E. Gorringe showed conspicuous gallantry and coolness under the heavy barrage, passing along from post to post in the line and setting a fine example. 2nd Lieut. Utting was wounded and Lance-Sergt. Gorringe knocked down and shaken by a trench mortar bomb but both remained on duty until the enemy had retired, and the former was awarded the M.C. and the later the Military Medal.

1918 Sep 16 MC Gazetted "2nd Lt. Reginald Denney Utting, Linc. R. For conspicuous gallantry and devotion to duty during a hostile attempt to raid our trenches. Early in the morning the enemy put down a heavy artillery and trench mortar barrage prior to attacking with his infantry. He was in command at the point attacked, and at once went along the line, seeing to the posts and controlling the fire. He set a magnificent example to all ranks with him, until he was wounded, but he kept on .with his work until the enemy had completely disappeared.

1918 Nov 30. 4th Bn., Lincolnshire Regt.— 2nd Lt. R. D. Utting to be Lt.

1920 Jul 30 joined ADTIC with service no 37. Posted to N Coy as a Section Leader . His wife is given as Mrs Utting, Innistioge, Co Kilkenny

1920 Oct 15. Promoted Platoon Commander

1921 Jan 7. Promoted 2nd in Command

1921 Jan 31. Inquest on death of Mrs Freeman in Barlow Terrace Raid. The evidence is attributed to Capt R Atling, DI, N Coy [RD Utting]

1921 Feb 8. Posted to Depot Coy and reverts to Platoon Commander grade

1921 Feb 9. Permitted to resign. Probably to deal with his divorce.

1921 Divorce Court File: Appellant: Emma Eliza Utting. Respondent: Reginald Denny Utting. Type: Wife's petition for divorce.

1921 Mar 21 Re-joined with service no 1843

1921 Apr 2. Posted to P Coy

1921 May 6. Appointed A/CQM

1921 Jun 4. Ceased to be A/QM. Posted to N Coy as DI2

1921 Dec 13 Relinquishes his commission - Lt. R. D. Utting, M.C.

1922 Jan 14. Discharged on demobilisation of ADRIC

1939 Nov 10. The undermentioned Lts. relinquish their rank on enlistment into the ranks: R. D. Utting, M.C., late Lincoln R.

1956 died Norfolk