Lt William Currie/Carrie Valentine, E Yorks

ADRIC gives is birth as 1898, this does not quite square with his having arrived in France in 1914. But the New Zealand news story on the 1932 shipwreck refers to a "young Englishman". The Officer was commissioned as "Currie" but Christened "Carrie"

1898 May 29. Born ADRIC roll says so, and man who emigrated to Australia was that age.. Same address in 1911 census as on MIC

1911 census in Fergus St, Arbroath

1917 Nov 1. Commissioned 2nd Lt in East Yorks Regt

1919 Afghan War

1921 Jan 11 Gazetted out Lt in E Yorks

1921 Jun 25. Joined ADRIC with service no 2081. Posted to G Coy

1922 Jan . Appears to be still with the ADRIC on demobilisation

1922 Joined the British Gendarmerie section of the Palestine Police as a Constable.

1923 Oct 9. Leaves for Melbourne (same Bank Address as MIC)

1932 Jul 12. News report " WELLINGTON (N.Z.), Monday. A fortnight ago William Currie Valentine set out alone in a 22ft. boat, the Waima, on a voyage to England. He returned to Auckland yesterday with the boat badly damaged and the sails in ribbons. About 150 miles from Auckland he encountered a terrific storm and he considers himself lucky that the craft remained afloat

1937 May 18.

1939 Looking for work

1951 Nov 8. Leaves London for Sydney. He is a Radio Operator aged 53. Ie born 1898, which is the man who was in ADRIC

1963 on the electoral roll in Australia. He is a radio technician

1965 Nov 24 died NSW


WO 339/115763