Capt. Leonard Ventress


1884 Born Richmond Surrey. His father William Ventress was a Musician

1891 census in Richmond, Surrey

1898 Jun 2. Enlisted in Royal Fusiliers

1901 census

1902/04 Tibet Medal. The British expedition to Tibet began in December 1903 and lasted until September 1904. The expedition was effectively a temporary invasion by British Indian forces under the auspices of the Tibet Frontier Commission, whose purported mission was to establish diplomatic relations and resolve the dispute over the border between Tibet and Sikkim. The expedition fought its way to Gyantse and eventually reached Lhasa, the capital of Tibet, in August 1904. The Dalai Lama had fled to safety, first in Mongolia and later in China, but thousands of Tibetans armed with antiquated muzzle-loaders and swords had been mown down by modern rifles and Maxim machine guns while attempting to block the British advance. At Lhasa, the Commission forced remaining low-level Tibetan officials to sign the Great Britain and Tibet Convention (1904), before withdrawing to Sikkim in September, with the understanding the Chinese government would not permit any other country to interfere with the administration of Tibet. The mission was recognized as a military expedition by the British Indian government, "which issued a war medal for it."

Setting out on 24 May 1904, the Royal Fusiliers joined up with Macdonald at New Chumbi, the base depot of the Tibet Mission, in the first days of June. The eventual assault on 6 July did not happen as planned, as the Tibetan walls were stronger than expected. General Macdonald's plan was for the infantry to advance in three columns, from the south-west, the south, and south-east. Yet at the opening of the attack there was a near disaster when two columns blundered into each other in the dark. It took eleven hours to break through. The breach was not completed until 4:00 pm, by which time the assault had little time to succeed before nightfall. As Gurkhas and Royal Fusiliers charged the broken wall, they came under heavy fire and suffered some casualties. Gurkha troops climbed the rock directly under the upper ramparts, scaling the rock face as rocks rained down on them and misdirected fire from one of the Maxims hit more of these Gurkhas than Tibetan defenders above them. After several failed attempts to gain the walls, two soldiers broke through a bottleneck under fire despite both being wounded. They gained a foothold which the following troops exploited, enabling the walls to be taken. The Tibetans retreated in good order, allowing the British control of the road to Lhasa, but denying Macdonald a route and thus remaining a constant threat (although never a serious problem) in the British rear for the remainder of the campaign. Wikipedia

1908 Married Ellen Newport, Isle of Wight,

1911 census with 5th Bat Royal Fusiliers. Lance Sergeant. Married

1915 Aug 11. Commissioned 2nd Lt in Royal Fusiliers. Acting CSM

1915 Sep 28. The Royal Fusiliers (City of London Regiment). Second Lieutenant Leonard Ventress to be Adjutant, and to be temporary Lieutenant whilst so employed.

1916 Feb 8 Ceases to be Adjutant

1916 Jun 8. Temp Capt with R Fusiliers

1918 Jan 16 to 1918 May 2. To be Acting Captain for service with Kings African Rifles

1921 Jan 26. Joined ADRIC with service no1599. Posted to O Coy. Section Leader 29 Jan 1921

1921 Mar 20. Promoted Hon DI3 and A/Platoon Commander

1921 Jun 8. Daniel Cowley was shot and killed by a raiding party on his house from O Coy. DI GA Warner was in overall charge, and there were groups approaching the farm from north , sough and west. S/L LVentress was in charge of the Auxiliaries at the north side of the house. He was accompanied by S/L RL Rolfe. Their evidence was that Cowley came running out of the house, they called on him to halt and when he did not they opened fire, and Cowley was killed.. Ventress then searched house with DI GA Warner

1921 Sep 7. Reverted to T/Cadet and posted to Transport Division Gormanstown

1921 Sep 17 Posted to A Coy

1921 Nov 22. Permitted to resign on discipline grounds

1922 Jul 29. Left UK for Maracaibo. He is a Mess Steward

1933 Aug 24. Left UK for Venezuela. He is a Secretary. Travels 1st class

1937 Left UK for Venezuela. Dock Master. Travels 1st class

1939 Jun 4. Arrives UK from Venezuela

1939 Sept Married Mary Constance Claxton /Ventress (1896–1985) He had presumably divorced as his first wife lived till 1950

1939 Aug 2. Leaves UK for Maracaibo. He is a Port Captain. Travels 1st class with wife Mary

1941 Sep 11. Arrived Miami by plane. He is a Dockmaster in Maracaibo, and is spending a 2 month vacation with his Mother in Law, Mrs Caxton

1948 Aug 11. Arrives in New York. With wife Mary. They have come from Venezuela

1963 Mar 7. Died London