2nd Lt Arthur Edward Warnes RAF


1896 Apr 14. Born Mitfork, Norfolk. On Rootchat. I also have photos of the farm in Loddon with some of the kids, and a curious photo of them in Russia. Jabez was involved with a Mr Hughes (may have been bro-in-law/family etc) who had one or more of the Warnes family working at the steel works he set up in Russia to complete the Railway. Some of the kids played with Czar Nicholas children and one of the Warnes ladies taught the Czar's children English. I believe the Czar had a special medal struck to commemorate this.

1901 census at Great Dunham, Mitford, Norfolk

1911 census at Great Dunham, Mitford, Norfolk

RAF Record

1918 Oct 27 Commissioned 2nd Lt in RAF

1919 Oct 22 Transferred to unemployed list. 2nd Lt

1921 Nov 8. Joined ADRIC with service no 2168 Posted to N Coy

1921 Nov 15. "Dismissed the force"

1939 Register. Living with wife Dorothy at 64 Holmstall Avenue , Wembley . An aircraft fitter

1953 Died Hendon, Middlesex


WO 339/131368