Lt James Scott Webster RE

1893 Mar 1. Born Mukden, Manchuria, China (on his RAF declaration). His Edinburgh University records says he came back from China at 5 months old

1901 census in Govan, Lanarkshire. His mother is head of household, and a "Missionary's wife". His father was an ordained missionary of U.P. Church to Manchuria, North China, 1882 and helped establish a station at Tiehling, a walled city forty miles north of Shenyang [Moukden], in 1885, under the authority of Chiao one of the indigenous evangelists. Chiao was manhandled and the chapel damaged by opponents and Mr Ross and Mr Webster both received rough treatment in attempting to establish the station. The family was probably based in Shenyang at this time. The Rev. James Webster was appointed Joint Foreign Mission Secretary in 1910.

Name Age
Eliza Webster 43
Sarah Webster 17
Winifred Webster 13
James S Webster 9
Margaret S Killough 20
Jane G Houstoun 69
Amelia Houstoun 67

1910 Oct. Enters Edinburgh University to study Medicine

1913 Oct 17. Writes to the Dean of Medicine at Edinburgh to say he was addicted to Morphine and is under treatment in London. He asks to be allowed to continue his studies

1915 Feb 16 Enlists in Scots Guards. He is a Medical Student. His father is Rev James Webster

Service Record

1915 Aug 16. Transferred to RE

1916 Apr 10 Promoted Sgt

1917 Mar 6. Commissioned 2nd Lt

1917 May 28 Marriage to Eileen Mary Brown at St Giles, Edinburgh, Scotland . (They divorced in 1928)

1919 Jan 15. Discharged from RAF

1920 Dec 29. Joined ADRIC with service no 1351. Posted to A Coy

1921 Mar 31. Posted to I Coy

1921 May 21 Posted to Depot

1921 May 22. Admitted Stevens Hospital, discharged 18 Jun 1921

1921 Jun 18 to 27 Jul . On medical leave. Given as being with Depot Coy

1922 Jan 17. Discharged on demobilisation of ADRIC

1923 Oct 1. Enlisted in RAF as AC1. Worked as a nursing orderly

1924 Mar 31 Discharged from RAF "Services no longer required"

1928 Jul. Degree in Medicine & Surgery. Graduated Edinburgh University

1928 Sep 18. Marriage to Sarah Christina Moran at Sheriff Court House, Edinburgh, Lothian, Scotland

1929 Apr 16 On a Drugs Charge

1929 May 11. His power to prescribe drugs is withdrawn


1930 Mar 3 Joins RAF Medical Service. His wife is living in Londonderry with her mother

1930 Mar 28. Bound over in a London Court on a drug charge

1930 Apr 1 Resigns commission owing to arrest under Dangerous Drugs Act

1933 Oct Fined under dangerous drugs Act at Hull

There is a long report in Hull Daily Mail

1936 Jan 23. Arrived in Klang, Malaysia, to form a medical partnership

1936 May 31. Died in Selangor, Malaysia

1995 Nov 11. What I take to be his only child, died and is buried in Edinburgh. The headstone shows that Anne E E Webster married Geoffrey P Panckridge.




WO 339/99713