2nd Lt Louis Harold Wheatley

1896 May 19. Born Lewes, Sussex. His father was a "lath render" . A man who worked in building industry, as a plaster's assistant, applying the first layer of plaster to the lath. Laths were used mostly for interior walls and ceilings. They were strips of wood which were nailed to the wall studs, which allowed the plaster to be applied more effectively.

1901 census at Lewes, Sussex

1911 census A 14 year old Boy Soldier with RGA

1918 Apr 16. Commissioned 2nd Lt in RGA

1919 May 22. Retires as a 2nd Lt with a gratuity

1921 Jan 5. Joined ADRIC with service no 1449. Posted to N Coy. Father is William Richard Wheatley at 22 South Rd, Newhaven, Sussex

1921 Feb 15. Services dispensed with - unsuitable. Trim Looting

1921 Feb 16. Re-joined with service no 1722 . Posted to O Coy

1921 Mar 8 Posted to P Coy

1921 May 14 Posted to R Coy

1922 Jan . He appears to served until demobilisation of ADRIC

1922 Aug 17. Enlists in RGA as a Gunner.

1923 Jan 15. Buys himself out for £35

1936 Jul 24. He was running a Marine Store Dealers business in Sussex. His brother Bernard was born 1907

1943 Oct 30. Married Ida M Bolt in Essex

1973 Jul 10. Died West Middlesex Hospital, Hounslow of a Heart Attack