Capt. Frank White, MGC


The leave book gives him as "F J White", but the Register as "F White"

1889 born. (from age in press report below, and RIC Register) Sussex






1887 Apr/Jun Born Hastings as Frank John G Eastwood. His mother had him as an illegitimate child. Richard White later married her, and Frank took the White name

1901 census Hastings

1911 census A L/C in ASC serving in Arabia

1914 Aug 14 landed in France. He must already have been a Regular

1917 Jul 30 Commissioned in MGC

1918 Commandant of a POW Camp

1919 Nov 12. Labour Corps Temp. Lt . (actg . Capt. ) F. White relinquishes his commission on completion of service and is granted the rank of Capt

1920 Aug 10. Joined ADRIC with service no 184. Posted to A Coy

1921 Feb 16 Promoted Section Leader

1921 Apr 21. Injured in trench crash . He received £6000 compensation for his injuries. Also injured was M. McLeod

1921 May 1 to 6 Jun on Leave

1921 Jun 14 to 6 Jul Medical Leave

1921 Jul 9 Posted to Depot

1921 Oct 13 to 15 Oct on Leave

1921 Nov 5 to 23 Dec on Medical Leave

1921 Dec 2 Reverts to T/Cadet "on being 28 days non effective"

1922 Jan 29. Discharged on demobilisation of ADRIC

1921 census Address on MIC

1969 Died Hastings Frank J White