Lt & QM William Henry Whiting

1882 Feb 2. William Henry Whiting born Cork Barracks and he lied about his age to get into army by adding one year. His father was in the British Army. RIC Register gives him as Protestant

1895 May 17. Enlisted as a boy in Liverpool regt Service record

His next of kin were then

1901 census He is probably at Limerick - men by initials only, but only would give "England" as place of birth

1904 Sep 22. Married to Juanita Tregueros in Limerick

1911 census in Old Military Barracks, Fermoy Barracks. He is down separately aged 30 and married

1913 Jul 1. Awarded Long Service & Good Conduct Medal

1914 Aug 12. Landed in France

1917 Jun 22. Commissioned Hon Lt and Quartermaster. Quartermasters were generally Honorary Officers. These officers were above Warrant Officers but below fully Commissioned Officers. They had their own promotion ladder starting at Lieutenant. They did not class as full officers, thus an honorary Captain could not give direct orders to a fully commissioned Second Lieutenant. Quartermasters were often long standing senior N.C.O.s (especially Regimental Quartermaster Sergeants and Company Quartermaster Sergeants) promoted to Honorary Officer status.

When commissioned he had served 22 years and 36 days in the ranks

1917 Dec 21. Mention in Despatches Gazetted

1918 Dec 30 MID Gazetted

1919 Oct 13. Demobbed as Quartermaster and Lt

1920 Oct 21. Joined ADRIC with service no 827. Posted to C Coy.

1920 Nov 28. Involved with T/C Lorange in trying to disarm a drunken T/C WA Burton

1921 Mar 18 to 2 Apr on Leave

1921 Apr 9 Posted to Q Coy. Promoted Section Leader and CQM

1921 Oct 7 to 21 Oct on Leave

1922 Jan 25. Discharged on demobilisation of ADRIC

1922 Jun Joined Ulster Special Constabulary

1923 Dec 31 Discharged from Ulster Spec Constabulary on its reduction in size

1925 Oct 21. On his application to join War Department Constabulary Whiting claims to have served in ADRIC 17/10/20 - 25/1/22, leaving as a District Inspector and Quarter Master.
He states that he was in the Ulster Special Constabulary June 1922 - 31/12/23, as a Head Constable (Downpatrick?). He does not appear to have got this job

1926 Dec Applied for a Quartermaster job in TA, but War Dept tell him to write to individual units - he does not appear to have got such a post. He was employed as a clerk at that time in Army School of Cookery.

1939 Register. He is a Civil Service Clerk. Living with wife Juanita at 204 Newport Road , Aldershot M.B (as on MIC)

1941 Ot 12 Died Aldershot