2nd Lt Percy George Wiles M.M, QSA

1883 Feb 16. born Islington, London

1883 Mar 11. Baptised

1891 census at 69, Gillespie Road, Islington, London

1900 Apr 2. Enlisted in Gloucs Regt. He was a "greengrocer". Fought in South Africa

1908 left the army and entered Reserves

1911 census at 7 Avenell Road Islington

1911 Dec 24. Married . They had 6 children between 1911 and 1925

1912 Discharged from the Reserves with "very good" character

1914 re-enlisted

1915 Jan 17 Landed in France

1916 Sep 12 Gazetted M.M. 5884 Cpl. P. G. Wiles, Glouc. R

1918 Feb Posted to an Officer Cadet Battalion

1918 Aug 13 Commissioned. The undermentioned, from Officer Cadet Units, to be 2nd Lts. :Essex R.—Sjt. Percy George Wiles, M.M., from Glouc. R.

1919 Aug 26. Left the army with a gratuity of £1500. Essex R.—The undermentioned 2nd Lts. retire, receiving a gratuity. P. G. Wiles, M.M

1920 Oct 18. Joined ADRIC with service no 747. Posted to G Coy

1921 Apr 18 "Dismissed the Force " from G Coy .

1921 Sep 13 Up for trial on MIC

He lost his £1500 gratuity after setting up as a bookmaker and losing it all.

1922 Convicted under Vagrancy Act of 1824 and sentenced to 2 months hard labour.

He worked at his pre-war job of tobacco cutter

1927 Sep 13. 2nd Lt. P. G. Wiles, M.M., (ret.), Reg. Army Res. of Off., Essex R., having been convicted by the Civil Power, is removed from the Army, His Majesty having no further occasion for his services The letter that the War Office sent him informing him of this never reached him - his wife returned it to the War Office "her husband did not reside here".

He pleaded guilty to 2 charges of burglary and larceny and lost his Reserve Officer's commission. He was tried with an accomplice Harry Cohen, who got 18 months hard labour. The judge was more lenient with Wiles, and gave him an opportunity to "regain his character" with 12 months probation

1928 Mar 6. London Quarter Sessions. 2 more burglary charges

1934 April. Fined £20 for driving under the influence and for dangerous driving

1936 Jul 2. Fined for parking his car in Bath without setting the hand brake - it ran backwards. He was of Middleton St, Manchester

1936 Aug 7. tried on two charges of false pretences, sentenced to three months hard labour.

1939 Register. He was a Tobacco Cutter (see above , he was working as this earlier) . Living at 6 Platt Street , Manchester

1940 Jun 4. Died Manchester , Withington Workhouse. He died of chronic alcoholism