Capt Charles Henry Wilkins, RAF

1893 Sep 3. Born St Pancras, London.

1901 census at 40, Judd Street, St Pancras

1910 - 1912 General Electrical Engineer at Cave & Co, Upper Marylebone St, London

1911 census living at 10 Compton St , London W C

1915 Jul 2. Lands in Balkans Yorks & Lancs Regt

1916 Jul 19. General List. The undernamed Warrant Officers, Noncommissioned Officers and men to be temp. Second Lts. (on prob.) - C.Q.M.S. Charles Henry Wilkins, from, a Serv. Bn., York & Lane. R.

1917 Nov 14 Posted to 14 Squadron of 5 Wing

1917 Sep 18 Posted to 57 TS as 2nd Lt

1918 Jan 19. Gazetted Lt in RAF

1918 His next of kin is his mother Mrs Pinkham of 95 Plimsoll Rd, London (she married Charles Pinkham in 1916, Charles Wilkins had died 1913)

1918 Mar 5. Posted to SAG (School of Air Gunnery) as Assistant Instructor

1918 Oct 24 Posted to 17 TDA

1919 Mar 17 Posted to 22 TAS

1919 Jul 13 Posted Middle East

1919 Sep 17 Posted Middle East Demob Camp Kantara.

1919 Sep 19 Embarked Port Said for UK

1919 Oct 28 To unpaid list.

1920 Jul 30 Joined ADRIC with service no 27.

1920 Sep 3. Promoted Section Leader

1920 Oct 17. The undermentioned Lts., h.p. list, retire on ret. pay: — And are granted the rank of Capt.: — C. H. Wilkins.

1920 Nov 10. Became a Permanent Cadet

1921 Feb 19 Married Alice Lester in London. Wife from Essex

1921 Apr 1. Received a First class favourable report for his conduct at Crossard Co Mayo Ambush. Sean Corcoran, O/C of the East Mayo Brigade, was shot dead by British soldiers after a gunfight at Crossard crossroads (6 km north of Ballyhaunis).

Tom Waldron, Crossard, Co. Mayo says . Seán was killed as he was walking uphill, away from Crossard Crossroads with Commandant Maurice Mullins when a Crossley Tender of Black & Tans came over the rise in front of them. Corcoran drew his revolver while Mullins, who was unarmed was unable to react. The Tans opened fire killing Corcoran and wounding Mullins who was then captured and taken to Ballyhaunis RIC Barracks.

The Argyll & Sutherland Highlander's 'War Diary' of the 2nd Battalion Operations while based in Claremorris reported it was their Troops accompanied by RIC who shot and killed Seán Corcoran after he had opened fire on them from behind a ditch/wall. Corcoran died instantly and his body was brought to a nearby school

Kiltimagh Life & Times”. By Peter Sobolewski & Betty Solan says Commandant Sean Corcoran, Co. C., has been shot dead by a policeman during a routine search at Crossard, Ballyhaunis. Prior to the fatal shooting the District Inspector went into a house to search it with a party of men. Two policemen were ordered to remain on the road outside. While the search was in progress one of the policemen saw two civilians coming along the road towards him, each pushing a bicycle. There were two members of the Argyles and Sutherland Hylanders with the policemen. When the policemen saw the civilians approaching him he took his bicycle and called on one of the Hylanders to come with him. They then mounted their bicycles and went to meet the civilians. The civilians were walking together and appeared to be conversing. As they approached one of the civilians was about ten yards in front of the other. The policeman passed the first man and told the second man to halt. The man, Sean Corcoran, drew a pistol from his pocket and fired at the policeman. The policeman returned fire with his revolver and Corcoran fell fatally injured. Heavy fire was then opened on the police and military. They took cover. The firing lasted about ten minutes and the attackers ran away. Corcoran's fellow traveller is said to be seriously wounded. He is Michael Mullins son of a local teacher. The "Freeman's Journal" say "little hope is entertained" for his recovery, but local sources say he is not that seriously wounded.

1922 Jun 21. Pensioned from RIC

1923 Jan 1. Awarded MBE in "Irish List" New Year

1944 Oct Takes command of Belfast Home Guard

Oddly that is the lasr mention I can find of him. The probability is that he died soom after this date