Sub Lt. Alan James Richmond Wilson RNR


1898 Jul 5. Born in London

1901 census at St Johns Gdns, Notting Hill. London

1911 census at Pierpoint Hall , Broadstairs, Kent. a Boarding School.

1913 A Ralph Linfield died leaving "The residue to be invested in a trust fund for the benefit of AGNES RUTH WILSON, ALAN JAMES RICHMOND WILSON, JOHN HENRY WILSON and GEORGE FREDERICK WILSON, children of his late half cousin JAMES HENRY WILSON and the said GEORGIANA GREY WILSON. His trustees to use part of the yearly income from these investments towards the education of these children, and to re-invest any residue at their discretion.

1915 Aug 10. Commissioned Midshipman in RNR

RNR Record

1919 Leaves UK for Singapore. He is a Plantation Assistant

1921 Nov 30 . Joins ADRIC with service no 2203. Posted to O Coy

1922 Jan 16. Still serving on demobilisation of ADRIC

1923 Jan 19 A Tea Planter, he leaves UK for Calcutta

1927 Jan 9. Arrives in UK from Ceylon, where he is a planter

1936 Jan 29 Arrives USA from Japan. He is a planter living in Malaya. Travelling back to UK

1936 Divorce. Divorce Court File: 39. Appellant: Alan James Richmond Wilson. Respondent: Gladys Mary Rothwell Wilson. Co-respondent: Robert B Wright. Type: Husband's petition for divorce

1936 Sep 4. Leaves UK for Japan and Malaya where he is a planter

1940 Sep 1. Temporary lieutenant, Special Branch, in the Royal Navy Volunteer Reserve

1947 Apr 13 . Died in Singapore