Capt William Philip Wood, Hampshires


1890 Apr 29. Born Cuckfield Sussex - service record & RIC

1891 census in Cuckfield

1901 census in Cuckfield

1911 census at 3 Teville Road Worthing Sussex

1914 Sep 5 Attested to RAMC as 33596. Of Cuckfield, Haywards Heath. He is a Chemist (dispenser). His father is James Wood, of Sunnybank, Cuckfield

1914 Dec 22. The undermentioned to be temporary Second Lieutenants. William Philip Wood. But no regiment given, but his seniority in Dec 1916 gazette entry shows this is the right man. And service record confirms date

1916 Aug 30. He has a medical board in Bombay - suffering from heatstroke after service in Iraq. He suffers from "photophobia". He is sent back to hospital in UK

1916 Dec 29 Training Reserve. Temp. 2nd Lt. W. P. Wood, from Hamps. R. (attd.), to be temp. 2nd .Lt. (with seniority from. 22 Dec. 1914) and actg. Lt. whilst holding an appt. on the permanent estabt.

1917 Nov 1. The undermentioned temp. Lts. retain the actg. rank of Capt. while comdg. a Co.: W. P. Wood (Hamps. R. (attd.))

1917 Nov 1. Hamps. R. Temp. Lt. W. P. Wood, from actg. Capt., an Inf. Bn., to be temp. Lt. (attd.). with seniority 1 July 1917

1918 Sep 18. Temp. Lt. W. P. Wood (Hamps. R. (Serv. Bns.)) relinquishes the actg rank of Capt. on ceasing to comd. a Co., 52nd Grad. Bn., R. War. R. . Up to 26 October 1917, this was known as 274th Graduated Battalion and had no regimental affiliation. A training unit based at Chelmsford, it was part of 220th Brigade in 73rd Division. In March 1918 when 73rd Division was broken up it went to 205th Brigade of 68th Division at Lowestoft. By June 1918 it had moved to Henham Park near Southwold.

1919 Mar 15. Personal Staff . A.D.C.— Temp. Lt. W. P. Wood, Serv. Bn., Hamps. R. 15th Mar. 1919.

1919 Nov 10. Personal Staff . . A.D.C.— Temp. Capt. E. A. Webb-Morris, Tank Corps, vice temp. Lt. W. P. Wood, Serv. Bn., Hamps. R.

1919 Nov 11. Demobilised

1921 Feb 22. Joined ADRIC with service no 1744. Posted Platoon commander in G Coy . Needs checked that his service no is 1744. An entry for WP Wood, Hants Regt in Numeric register gives only made S/L on 16 Jun 1921

1921 Mar 16 Promoted 2nd in Command G Coy

1921 Apr 17. A raid on 3 RIC men in civilian clothes were drinking in the Shannon View Hotel, 12 Auxiliaries in civilian clothes raided the hotel. There is some disagreement in the reports as to what actually happened. Pringle was shot apparently by one of the RIC men who fired out into the yard, and the RIC man was shot inside the bar itself. Three civilians ran out into the yard, the hotel owner and two of the RIC men. The Auxiliary commander says one then turned and ran back toward the hotel, and was hit (this was O'Donovan the hotel owner who was dead), the other two put their hands up and surrendered (the RIC men, one had been wounded). The ADRIC patrol was commanded by DI Wood, 2nd in command of G Coy ADRIC. The Court of Inquiry says that the patrol consisted of two officers and twelve cadets in mufti, armed with revolvers, and one officer and twenty cadets in uniform, armed with rifles and two Lewis guns. The total strength of the party was therefore thirty-five.

A later Hansard Report says That the orders issued by Captain and 2 /DI W. P. Wood were so framed as to show the intention of avoiding unnecessary bloodshed.

1921 Jul 2. Posted to Q Coy as Coy Commander

1922 Jan Appears to still be serving in ADRIC and Coy Commander on demobilisation

1922 Jul 21.

NOTICE is hereby given, that the Partnership
heretofore subsisting between us, the undersigned,
Thomas Henry Cocknell Facey, Harold
Thomas Dawe and William Philip Wood, carrying on
business as Estate and General Agents, at 116,
Victoria-street, Westminster, S.W. 1, under the style
or firm of The ASSOCIATED AGENTS, has been
dissolved by mutual consent as and from the 1st day
of July, 1922. All debts due to and owing .by the
said late firm, will be received and paid by Thomas
Henry Cocknell Facey.—Dated this 21st day of July,

1939 Register Living at 30 St George's Road , City of Westminster, London. He is single and a retired Department Manager

1947 Died Sussex