Harold Thomas Woods


Harold Thomas Wood in Canadian Exp Force (born Dublin with a sister Rosetta at 27 Emorville Av, Dublin as next of kin) later became an RAF officer. RIC shows 8 Nov 1886 birth in Canada and the RAF man came from CEF. It is difficult to see what is happening. If Rosetta is his sister, then she is Rosetta Mary Carroll of 27 Emorville Av, Dublin, as in his Canadian enlistment, which makes him Thomas Michael Carroll which would explain why I cannot get him in any records as Harold Thomas Woods. However it would appear that Thomas Michael Carroll was born in Sept 1895 not Nov 1896 - as far as I can see no brother of Rose Carroll was born on Nov 1896

1896 Nov 8, Harold Thomas Woods. Born Canada or Dublin (Dublin on Canadian form, Canada on RIC). I cannot get a Rosetta Wood(s) in Dublin in 1911 census - she is listed as his next of kin on Canadian enlistment

1901 census we find at 27 Emorville Av, Dublin

1911 census at 27 Emorville Av , Dublin we find

1916 Sep 6. Enlisted in CEF in Aldershot, Nova Scotia

1920 Sep . Joined ADRIC with service no 552. Posted to E Coy

1921 Jan 7. Posted to Depot

1921 Jan 8 to 21 Jan on Medical Leave

1921 Mar 12. Posted to C Coy

1921 Apr 2 Posted to Q Coy

1921 Jun 11 to 26 Jun on Leave

1921 Jul 29 to 14 Aug on Leave

1921 Aug 29. Struck off as a deserter