Lt John Edward Workman, Gloucester Regt

1897 Jun 23 Born Dursley, Gloucs

1901 census at Chapel Street Lower Cam, Cam

1911 census at Lower Cam, Gloucestershire

1915 Aug 19 Commissioned

1917 Aug 29. The undermentioned cadets to be temp. 2nd Lts. John Edward Workman

1918 May 25. The undermentioned 2nd Lts. (late Gen. List, R.F.C., on prob.) are confirmed in their rank as 2nd Lts. (A. & S.).:—J. E. Workman (temp. 2nd Lt., Glouc. R.).

1921 Feb 22. Joined ADRIC with service no 1750. Posted to G Coy

1921 Mar 15. Appointed Intelligence Officer G Coy at Lakeside Hotel, Killaloe, Clare. Nothing to indicate that he did not hold the position till Jan 1922

1921 Apr 17 Was involved in the Castleconnell incident

1921 Sep 23. Mentioned as a DI in the theft trial of T/Const Dunne

1922 Jan Appears to still be serving on demobilisation of ADRIC

1929 Oct 14 Arrives in UK from Accra, travels 1st class. "police, Gold Coast". He became Assistant Commissioner, the Commissioner of Gold Coast Police

1937, Became Commissioner of Police and Commandant of Defence Force in Fiji

1937 Jul 29 Leaves UK for Fiji. "Commissioner of Police" Travels 1st class and alone. 20 Hogarth Rd. London is his UK address.

1937 Marriage (shows that this is the right man - see MIC)

1937-1947 Col J E Workman Commissioner of Police in Fiji. He commanded a weak Territorial Infantry Battalion on the island, and that must be where the "colonel" came from

1945 Nov 5. Arrives in UK from Wellington, New Zealand. Travels 1st class, Commissioner of Police in Fiji.

1946 May 25 Leaves UK . He is "Police Commissioner" "Colonel John E Workman" He travels alone, tourist class and is going to Australia.

1947 Colonel John Edward WORKMAN, transferred from Fiji to Northern Rhodesia. He became Commissioner of Police in Northern Rhodesia

1951 Retired from his job in Northern Rhodesia

1952 Jan 1. The KING has been pleased to award the King's Police and Fire Services Medal, for Distinguished Service, to the undermentioned officers: Colonel John Edward WORKMAN, Commissioner of Police, Northern Rhodesia.

1975 Died Surrey aged 78.