2nd Lt John O'Callaghan Wylde, RFA


1886 Oct 6. Born Lambton, Ontario, Canada

1891 census at Mortlake, Surrey

1901 census


1909 Jan/Mar Married in Richmond, Surrey

1911 census

1912 . Divorce Court File: 3014. Appellant: William Barker Redfern. Respondent: Evelyn Redfern. Co-respondent: John O'Callaghan Wylde. Type: Husband's petition for divorce

1912 Jun 13. Leaves with wife Gertrude and child to live in Calcutta.

1914 Nov 5. Commissioned 2nd Lt

1916 Sep 6. 2nd Lt relinquishes his commission on account of ill health

1916 Nov 4. Gets SWB

1917 Jun 18. Returns to France as a Red Cross Driver

1920 Oct 28. ADRIC. Found medically unfit and never posted nor given service no.

1921 Jun 2. 2nd Lt. J. O'C. Wylde, late R.A., relinquishes the rank of 2nd Lt. on reenlistment in the ranks

1934 - 1936 on London Electoral Rolls

1958 Died Newmarket, Cambs.